Manjaro ARM Beta2 with Plasma-Mobile (PinePhone)

hello, plasma-mobile version dev 20210211 flash on emmc

a lot of stuff works.
I did a full report on gitlab d on real-life telephony.
we cannot say that it does not work … but there is interference with the wifi if it is cut or restarted

sometimes in long sleep the telephone closes permanently

likewise the keyboard keys to delete a voice message do not work

apart from that the Plasma-mobile moves and becomes something good

if anyone this is how to save my phonebook would be welcome

Hey folks,

first of all, thanks for your great work and progress.

Does anyone know how to lock the screen again without previous authentication i.e. if you just want to know the time?
And has anybody managed it to use wayvnc yet? I just get a somehow wl_roots related error.

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I was watching some Youtube videos last night about this. They were recent posts from 4 and five days ago. I am most intrigued. I have to get a new phone because of the pending 3G sunset. My cell phone needs are basic, partly because I am not a gamer. So the idea of a Pinephone running the same OS as I use for my desktop seems pretty revolutionary.

Im having trouble importing my contact.
Im using google csv format… Anyone know how to get the contact importing?

I had a problem on the Phosh version trying to import (Vcard) contacts. The solution I came to was to install evolution and import the contacts into evolution. The contacts were then available in all other apps (chatty, etc.). You might try out that solution on plamo but, I have always had success with just importing them through the plamo phonebook app


Cheers, ill try them in the vard format

Is Manjaro Plasma able to boot from PinePhone internal eMMC memory, like Mobian does? How to do it?

Here’s a link to how to do it:

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Very happy with teh progress of Plasma on Manjaro. It feels quite good, and while still a little buggy, the progress is fast and smooth. A few tiny annoyances i wonder if anyone has workarounds to :

  1. Angelfish wont download images from any web pages (i can’t easily download new wallpaper! Screenshort workaround, but with obvious caviates!)
  2. I can’t change the screen timeout in settings, seems like a lot of settings are missing.
  3. Adding my google account works, but forces a reauth constantly, and doesn’t import contacts (the desired result).
  4. Bitwarden and some other (appears to be) web apps can’t use the soft keyboard, making them nearly useless :(.
  5. Alarm wont wake up the phone and ring. I can manually use RTCWake to prime the alarm, but seems very tedious, would be better if it can be done or executed by the alarm app when its setting the alarm?
  6. Soft keyboard missing some critical keys and haptics, can we customize it in any way?

So very excited about every update to manjaro plasma, I can’t wait for the next milestone to be hit. Looking forward to trying this out as a daily when some of the bigger issues above are resolved (contacts and alarm mainly)and the pine keyboard back ships!

Wireguard does not work with Manjaro plasma mobile.
wg-quick command needs ip rule command and this command is not supported by the kernel.
Can you please fix this?


I have installed Mobian on my pinephone’s eMMC using an installer available here ( That image can be flashed into the internal eMMC using the jumpdrive (, and then once you boot your phone it bootstraps and makes a fresh install on it with full disk encryption on user request.

Three questions come into my mind:

  1. is there is any Plasma-Mobile image (Manjaro or Arch or any other flavour) with an installer like that?
  2. how can I install Manjaro Plasma-Mobile with full disk encryption into my pinephone?
  3. (I understand this question belongs properly to the mobian forum) is there a way to change the desktop environment from phosh to plasma-mobile in mobian?

Hi @Lagrange,

1.) Yes, postmarketOS (based on Alpine linux) which also supports encryption,
2.) You can’t at this moment (at least not that I know of, @Strit might know more?),
3.) As with every Linux distribution this is possible. How easy/doable it is however is the big question. If you feel up to the task I’d advise you to connect to your phone through USB + SSH when you remove Phosh packages because network manager packages might depend on Phosh and thus get removed as well and as a result remove your mobile data/wifi connection. I don’t know if precompiled Plasma Mobile packages are available for Mobian/Debian; I’ve only seen it run on Arch (Manjaro) and Alpine (postmarketOS) linux. That means you might have to compile the PlaMo packages yourself for Mobian.


Found out that wayvnc is not compatible with kde in general

Beta2 is a pretty good update that had most issues that I had to get fixed, however, the only problem I have is GTK3 based apps won’t work properly.

For example, accessing settings in Cawbird/Gnome-Chess is impossible unless I use a mouse.
If anyone has a fix please reply to me.
I have installed GTK3-Mobile and that doesn’t help

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After todays updates phone hangs on KDE boot screen. Mouse cursor is visible and movable. But boot process seems to be stuck at this point.

Can someone please help me, I currently have the first beta version. I want to update it to the newer one beta2. How would I update it?

Via “Discover”

But ATM I fear that the update may break the installtion like on my phone

ip rule was fixed! Thanks.
Next issues with wireguard:
No resolvconf installed and wireguard-tools does not install it automatically; pacman -S openresolv fixes this

I’m getting this error when using wg-quick up config

iptables-restore v1.8.7 (legacy): iptables-restore: unable to initialize table 'raw'

Error occurred at line: 1
Try `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information.

Flashed the BETA2, configured WLAN, made update. No more ations/installs are made…
==> Phone is stuck on “K” logo on boot? Something wrong with the updates via Discover ATM?

Dev builds also do not boot. Last running is the BETA2 itself