Manjaro ARM Alpha2 with Phosh (PineTab)

Wanted to add a few more things I’ve noticed while playing on the Phosh image. I’ll edit this with any others I find to avoid flooding the thread.

Battery icon always shows as full-not charging or full-charging.

Not sure if this is related, but power sources don’t always appear to be recognized. Currently, the battery is at 93%. I plugged it in to 2 different power cables (OTG & barrel) to give better info on the icon, but neither cable plugged in currently indicates the power source is connecting. Settings > Power states Discharging.

Also, @Strit, there’s a few people in the pine chat that are asking to test an img for the new panel with plasma-mobile.

I think there are -dev builds for Plasma Mobile for PinePhone by @oberon done almost daily. Maybe they can just grap one of those?

Thanks! I’ll pass this along.

I’ll try fixing the Phosh image to have services enabled by default. :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated the original link I posted to the new image, which should be working.


Boots in Portrait mode even device is attached to the keyboard and is in landscape mode. Orientation remains after system start. Of course orientation change is unlocked

Selecting the right orientation like landscape works. But all is displayed head down :wink:

ha! i just now realized how people were manually rotating in Phosh. wow :sweat_smile:

I’ve noticed in the latest img that the welcome/setup app runs at every boot.

Thanks for your work so far. Unfortunately this image does not work =(

Image here boots flawlessly. Of course as stated above with orientation problem. Have You tested the Image posted from Strit 2 days ago?

I’m sorry for being unclear. My comment was regarding the plasma mobile image. The phosh one works as far as I know.

For me there is one BIG question:

Why not making a aarch64 manjaro build with zram + plasma? Should run on the pine tablet?

I am v e r y satisfied with manjaro on my PineBook Pro

Why no build for the tablet?

The regular Plasma interface is not optimized for that small screens.

Sure, we can do a Plasma build, but we can also do an XFCE build. But neither of those have that good touch support.

The latest image for PineTab with Plasma Mobile is still using the old panel driver, and as such only works on dev units and not the released ones.

I understand. But if I see how usable phosh is ATM…

I today have - for a test - installed a pure arch on the tablet, added plasma and zram.

For phosh this will be a hard and a long way to go to reach the status a relative naked and uncustomized arch/plasma has on the tablet…

But that’s because of all the mobile and small screen optimazations that go into Phosh, Plasma Mobile and Lomiri.

The idea behind the PineTab and PinePhone is to have Mobile touch devices.
Which is to be achieved by a GUI designed for it.
Sure we can make a regular KDE Plasma image for the PineTab, but it won’t be very usable without the keyboard. And with a Tablet, you can’t assume that people will have a keyboard for it.

If you want regular Plasma, you should by a Pinebook. That uses the same hardware as the tablet, except it’s not a touch screen, its screen is a little bigger and it has a keyboard and touchpad built in.


I also have a Pinebook Pro with manjaro and am very satisfied with it. Also have donated for.

What was a clear … little shock … for me is the daily reality how less mature phosh is on the pine devices, especially the tablet. Not even the rotation or orientation works correct. I will NOT critisize the work of the devs, but I fear that the decision of Linux developers to develop concurrently 3 mobile desktops parallel for the phones and other mobile devices was no good idea. Instead of bundling the power we have here three not even half mature systems…

I hope that - despite of all issues today - we can get a stable and usable system in a foreseeable time on our pine mobile devices.

Thanks for all YOUR efforts on doing this!!!



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Well that is Linux in a nutshell, but still stuff gets done and we have wonderful software because of it =)

This img feels like it’s getting better and better every morning. Manual rotation appears to be working now (if it did before I guess I didn’t notice) but landscape mode is upside down (in relation to the Tab being docked with the keyboard.)

Thanksforthefish, can I ask how you got the manual rotation to work? I can’t get mine out of portrait. It is probably something simple.

it is painfully simple, and took me a few days to figure it out, too.

tap the top bar with the time, battery, and wifi icons. on the pull down, do a long press on the rotation lock on/off button. that will switch it over to manual rotation. then single, short presses will alternate it between portrait and landscape.

I was going to wait until the next release to test again, but I saw your post. Thank you for working on this image. I downloaded your updated image, and it started up fine. I have Danct12’s Arch ARM on the emmc of the Pinetab, so my comments are a comparison between the two. The Manjaro image displays with everything scaled larger, and there isn’t the issue of a small on screen keyboard. I haven’t figured out the rotation issue, so I am stuck in portrait. The only other issue is the non-working audio. I am still trying to figure out how to remove icons/programs (i.e. Chess, Chats). Overall, though, this image has a nice polished look and functions well.

I don’t maintain the Phosh profile, so I can’t help you on most of those points. :slight_smile: