Manjaro ARM 20 on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi Forum. I am trying to setup Manjaro ARM 20 (latest, 20.08) on Raspberry Pi 3b.

And setup freezes, in a variety of ways, just before the login screen can load up.

I am assuming this is a matter of memory allocation, as the board is pretty capable but of course doesn’t have quite the same memory the Raspberry 4 has.

So: either video memory, or swap availability.

How can I resize the swap or force a larger swap size, or resize the vmem from another computer, ie. is it possible to edit some configuration file/system files in order to achieve something like this?

Thanks for your replies.

[Also: I tried including a video to show the setup process and make it easier to identify the timing of this issue, but the forum doesn’t allow linking yet - which is strange? Can I get linking “privilege” after some time around here please? I am definitely not a robot.

Give me reputation and give me links]

We have reports of the boot process taking a lot of time, where it seemingly hangs at “Reached target Bluetooth”.
Waiting for a few minutes should make it continue.

We are not sure why this happens yet, but it seems related to Network Manager as that fails to enable and then re-enables fine when it continues.

Ok, thank you for the reply. Let me give it a try.

Ok, so I restarted the setup from scratch based on your advice, and I waited, and this time it went through. It did hang though, but it did so at “starting home area manager”.

Also mentioned something about zram and undervoltage.

I am up and running. Things are running smoothly (which is quite impressive) and I am updating packages.

One caveat: this monitor can do full HD with this Pi (does it during setup), but the desktop currently runs at 720p. Anything I can try?