Manjaro 23.02 on Orange Pi 800 won't boot after update

I have Orange Pi 800 (RK3399) with 4GB RAM and 128GB EMMC.
I downloaded Manjaro ARM 23.02 XFCE for Orange Pi 800 from the Manjaro download page (Manjaro Downloads) and flashed it on an SD Card. Worked right out the box, no issues.

Then the system prompted for a bulk of “updates” (600-700MB to download, approx 3.5GB to install), so I allowed the updates to run. Everything seemed to work ok, until reboot. After rebooting - the system doesn’t load up anymore.

Then I found this post here: [HowTo] Updating Manjaro as safely as possible and I tried the suggestion of logging out of the desktop environment into TTY (ctrl + alt + f2) and then update the system from there using “pacman -Syyu”. I updated the mirrors using “pacman-mirrors -f5” first, and after that ran the previous command and again everything seems to download correctly and upgrade the system - until the reboot.

After the reboot - the system just doesn’t load anymore.

Are you guys aware of this issue ?
What can I do to find out what’s causing the issue and fix it?

OK, Just a quick update:

Apparently as it turns out - Manjaro does boot after the update - but only with HDMI screen connected!
I had a VGA screen connected and after performing the update - the VGA stopped working, which is why I assumed the update wasn’t successful - when indeed it was.

So now I have to figure out how to turn the VGA port on again (was something changed in the DTB?).

Another thing - when I disconnected the HDMI screen, and then plug it again - Manjaro doesn’t resume the desktop and a blank screen remains (even if I try to do CTRL-ALT-F2 and move to a text TTY - nothing helps) which leaves me no choice but to reboot.

Anyone know how this can be fixed ?

I am not sure but HDMI hotplug on arm boards are not very stable but i might be wrong on it.

Its been long time i didn’t give much love to opi800. Will start testing more hardware from next month.