Trouble updating MATE Community Edition

Community release MATE 23.1 will be released as well?

What am I doing wrong, cause lately every other big update screws up my install… i am using gui updater…

I think some extra information about your system would be helpful. Other wise, people will be simply guessing.

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Do your updates through terminal and if you still have issues Post the terminal output from you attempted update in a new thread along with you inxi -F.

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At tracyanne
I dont think the hardware is an issue.

I simply applied updates via gui, incl. AuR repo and compiled programs, ie caja color folder etc… I am using MATE edt…

For a while those huge updates (1.2-1.9gb) were not an issue, even with xanmode kernel installed or under manjaro compiled programs from AUR… On one machine (Legion5) timeshift did not work at all (multi OS), on my second it worked (older Legion5)…

At Locutus;

What would be the proper command incl. AUR repo would be ok?

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu && pamac update

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