MangoHud and Wine 7.4

Hi guys,

I have 2 major problems with the current Manjaro release 21.2.5 and I wanted to ask if the next update will improve the situation.

  • Mangohud not working anymore & not being able to launch games if enabled (forum thread) doesn’t look like it’s Mangohud’s fault since it wasn’t updated.

  • Wine 7.4 or Lutris GE Proton 7.7 not launching anything, which basically breaks Lutris.
    is this fixed in Wine 7.5, and will it be included in the next stable build? (Wine 7.5 is already out)

if these two issues will not be covered in the next update, can you maybe help me out on how to work around these problems?

Thank you!

The thread you linked literally says the opposite.

From the issue linked in the thread you linked, a correction has been made. Now they need to release a version including it.
If you want the fix earlier, you’ll need to (temporarily) use the development version.

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apparently an issue with dbus, a dev just replied to me on discord.
checking the tickbox “media info” in goverlay makes mangohud run again for some reason-yeey

now I just wait until wine is fixed, thank you for your help!

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