Problems with proton in steam when upgrading to the latest ( Manjaro 21.2.5 Qonos)

I have been using manjaro for some months quietly and doing the updates without problems, but today i updated the system and my proton compatible games from my library stopped working.

I’m not sure if it’s a system problem or a steam launcher problem.

can you precise version Proton DB ?

Launch Steam from the terminal, and check there for errors when you start a Proton game.

If you are using MangoHUD, disable it. I had the same problem yesterday and was able to find this Git issue:

For Steam, open the game Properties and add this to arguments:

MANGOHUD=0 %command%


thanks, I have a RX580 and can confirm that disabling mangohud in goverlay fixes my problem.

there is a work around for this issue. A dev for mangohud just asked me to enable “media_player” in the manghud config.

I took the easy way and switched on media info in goverlay, saved, reboot aaand issue fixed :sunny:

Let me know if this worked for you!

I appear to have performance issues when running native games too. Specifically, Albion Online (OpenGL) is having intermitent performance drops, down to single digits like 1-2fps.

Removing the mangohud command from the Steam launch options makes the issue go away. I’ve used mangohud with this game for many many months without issues. I only noticed this today.