Making manjaro use nonfree drivers by default

Yep. But that’s also true for, say, Manjaro’s grub efi located on $esp without encryption and Secure Boot signature. So anyone who has so-called “full disk encryption” is not that safe as he/she might think, and this brings us to the conclusion that such encryption is useless without bootloader and/or boot files being signed with a SB key in the first place.

This is why I mentioned “unified” images. It is a solution that makes sense to full disk encryption (with /boot files encrypted). It also prevents from attacker’s fiddling with cmdline options.

do people here seriously not read anything at all? I explained it like 30 times now that this is already how Manjaro works if you select nonfree drivers. What would the point of installing nvidia drivers on non NVIDIA hardware be? In this case you were actually on my side of the argument.

On my system by default was installed close drivers (video-linux) and i have sudden restarts , and when i close my pc one fan still works.
Now i had disabled and 5 days without restarts.

Your message is not relevant to the discussion and I suggest that you create a thread in #support instead.

Psst: see that auto install open source driver button? I suggest you press it.

Yes its done, it is a pity that non free drivers don’t boot and crash lightdm


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Great, another step backwards…

  1. Now we are once again expecting people to know when to use proprietary drivers. We already know a lot of new users have no idea under which conditions proprietary drivers are necessary. (NVIDIA is the ONLY nonfree config)
  2. This (once again) implies this:

    Which is a problem because people will give bad advice like “Don’t select proprietary if you have AMD”, even tho it doesn’t make any difference.

Calling this commit “better naming for drivers.” is just wrong.


Isn’t nouveau abandoned anyway? Open drivers for nvidia atm are bugged and non-efficient, so at least make a better description for what you are going into with free drivers.

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