Making Manjaro The Flagship MATE Distro

Hi there,

I created a customized version of the Manjaro MATE ISO.

The key features are mainly

You can read the complete Announcement on this website

If you want to download the ISO go to the website or visit my Github repository

@Ste74 If you want I could help integrating this in the mainline MATE edition and help maintaining the MATE edition.

If you experience any error or have any suggestions, feel free to tell me here!

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Hey @Mickey, why not, i try your spin for test… :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI, @oberon has actually been maintaining all the community editions lately. We have a GitHub CI setup:

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Nice! Thank you :blush:

Ah, thanks for letting me know, I did not know this. I actually thought @Ste74 still maintains the MATE Edition because he temporarily used my mate-tweak pull request as a patch to make mate-tweak work for Manjaro.
This PR was not merged and the issue was allegedly fixed in 20.10.0 :smirk: which is not true, it is still broken.

Hi again,

I would be very grateful if at least the Ayatana Indicators could get integrated because they make the MATE desktop so much more usable. To attract more users (and Developers) a more polished Manjaro MATE Edition could really help. As I said I am willing to help integrating this changes and help maintaining the MATE Edition as well.

Good news! Arch just added libayatana-appindicator to their community repo. It’s currently available in the Manjaro unstable branch.

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