MATE Tweak Panel layout options don't change desktop appearance

Earlier today, I installed Manjaro MATE on a virtual machine because I’m considering swapping DEs. When I went to Mate Tweak to change the panel layout and select another option, I get the usual “Change the layout?” popup. However, when I click Yes, there’s a flicker, but the desktop doesn’t change. It’s particularly noticeable when you try to change to Gnome 2.

This is a brand new install. I tried reinstalling after I realized the issue and tried switching out the appearance before and after applying updates, and it still didn’t seem to do anything.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @cynical13 !

MATE Tweak is developed by the Ubuntu MATE team and it is unfortunately not totally compatible with Manjaro. I made a few tweaks to MATE tweak and created a new project

where layout changing should work.

Eventually it would be best to integrate this into MATE tweak, which hopefully will happen some day. Also see this:

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