Make the file selection dialogue look more like file browser

This irks me, whenever an application asks me to open a file I get this ugly dialog window without any of my shortcuts and it’s always a pain to navigate, especially since you can’t just type/paste in the filepath. How do I just route it through thunar?

Example of thunar/file manager (normal):

I will post examples of “open file” dialogues because I had to make a new account (my old acocunt got deleted or what???), so only 1 image per post :angry: :

Examples of “open file” dialogues:

(this one is especially ugly)

Firefox’s is also terrible and also does not allow filepaths to be entered in the top

they had a malfunction and the one image per post is there to prevent spam. If you spend some time on the forum you will be able to post more. My old one isn’t accessible either, but you might be able to pm a mod, if you spent a lot of time on the forum.

As for your question, since the file open dialogs are specific to the different programs, I’m not aware of a fix for this. Sorry

There is no fix: applications either use the file selection dialog provided by their graphical toolkit or their own.
Although, you can still open a filepath in many of those through its input field – you may need to show it through Ctrl + F – even if it’s initially for a file name.


A lot of applications have their own file browsers implemented. For some applications, you can force it to use a specific file browser. You’ll have to look into that yourself.

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