How can I change the dialog when selecting a file?

Hello, friends.

Could you tell me (believe me, I searched for an answer to this question and did not find a solution) how I can change the file selection dialog (I use KDE Plasma).

Before reinstalling the system (the day before yesterday), I used the Opera / Chrome browser and there was a normal file selection window, with the ability to paste the path copied from the clipboard and follow it. But after installing a (forced) new system, the dialog box in Opera/Chrome became the same as in FireFox.

This window is very inconvenient because there are no links I need and there is no way to paste the path copied to the clipboard in order to go to it in the desired directory.

Here is a rough image of the final desired result (so that Dolphin opens the file selection, and not this awkward window). However, I’ve already tried:

xdg-mime default org.kde…desktop inode/directory

and change/add this line to the file



Kindly help, as I already seem to have tried everything.

I am most likely not understanding your issue

Some proper punctuation would make it more clear what you mean.

The window on the left look like a GTK window and the right look like Qt - they will never be identical

Sorry, I’m translating through google translator. I want the window to look like it’s on the right when selecting files, not like it’s on the left. How to change it, if possible, tell me.


Installation helped (from pacman-manager)
from this post

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