Make kde panel transparent

How do i make my panel(Dock ) transparent in kde ?
i have spend some times searching the internet but i couldnt find any working solutions

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Find a transparent Plasma Style in the KDE store.

Or that Panel Transparency Button - KDE Store


i did find one and then clicked apply and nothing happened.
i even tried restarting

i get this error when i try to search a plasma theme but then the themes do pop up
i could nt find the one @omano mentioned in the plasma themes

Network error 5: Operation canceled

is this something i should be worried

Go to the page I linked, download the version 0.2 of this widget, and then right click your Panel, Add a Graphical Component, then on top click the button to get more component, click Install From File, and select the plasmoid file, then search for it in the Component list, and add it to your Panel, the button is visible in Panel edit mode.

//EDIT: when I install some, they work on my end, some with blur, semi transparent, or fully transparent. The widget above is to make any Panel fully transparent (on/off button).


A good way to make the panel 100% transparent in KDE Plasma

It’s using the Orchis theme, this will make it much easier, even the taskbar is totally transparent

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…also make sure that compositor is on, in settings, monitor, compositor …


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