Mabox Linux 20.10 Eithné released with Spanish translation

I am happy to announce the new release of Mabox Linux 20.10 Eithné.
Mabox is Manjaro re-spin with OpenBox WM with addition of some home-made tools.
This release brings many changes and improvements, and also is fully translated to Spanish - thanks to @ben_chile :slight_smile:

More info about what’s new here:

You can get ISO image here: Download Mabox Linux from

Enjoy and stay safe :slight_smile:


Looks like SourceForge have some problems, so here is new download link:

This looks intriguing. I’ve been using Openbox since crunchbang appeared with it as their WM; I installed it and instantly fell in love with the graceful function and minimal style.

I’ve been thinking it might be time for a clean system install of Manjaro anyway. Dump the programs I am not using, backup all the random downloads from who knows where all, and begin again with a skinny hard drive.

Or maybe this is the time to turn the old iMac into an OS X/Linux dual boot. Gotta put a few new parts in first though. Hmmmm.

It looks like the Sourceforge download is already working.
I made a short video with Mabox themes overview.

I also started, worth a visit if you are interested in Mabox.

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So I am a new linux user with probably a thousand stupid question, but i tried this distro in Boxes and I really like it.
My questions are these:

Does this distribution work as a daily driver and does it get all the updates the same time a the official Manjaro releases?

If I use the testing branch (doing that on Manjaro gnome for 3.38) does it break anything?


Mabox is Manjaro re-spin, it uses official Manjaro repositories (and additionally not-so-big Mabox own repository) , so it is receiving all Manjaro’s updates.
Some users use it as a daily driver :slight_smile:
If you have more Mabox specific questions may be good place.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: