Looking for non branded and 4k Manjaro wallpaper

Does anyone have a link to the wallpaper in this screenshot but without the “Manjaro” text? I love it but I find the text doesn’t look good with the widgets layout I had in mind.

Also, does anyone know if there is a place where we can download 4k versions of the Manjaro wallpapers? (current and older versions if possible)

Maybe look inside this thread, it might be in it and sometimes there are multiple version of the same one so if it is there, it is possible there is a version without text.

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I tracked down where this wallpaper comes from, and it is not by Lunix.

It comes from package manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 and here is the commit, seems like you could track the author from the commit message maybe?

//EDIT: you could also edit the wallpaper, I can’t not see the compression on your image though, the original has a nice gradient, yours not :sweat_smile: (maybe forum recompression, better share through a direct file hosting to keep original quality)

//EDIT2: someone posted an edited version of the wallpaper but he apparently deleted his message.

It’s not in there but there are a tone of beautiful ones in the linked git repo so thanks for that.

They all are (and more) in the Manjaro repositories, specifically these one as I said in the package called manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 you can install it from Manjaro directly (but I think you already have it, if you already have the wallpaper :smiley: look in /usr/share/backgrounds/manjaro-wallpapers-18.0/)

GIMP doesn’t upscale well, but you can try it yourself using the clone tool, and then use a third-party application with a better built-in upscaler to 4K (i.e, 3840 x 2160)


I tracked down the original thread where this wallpaper came from, and of course it is lost, on the archived forum, apparently it was only 1920x1080 anyway, and the user “muser” did not register on this forum so you can’t contact him anymore.


Thanks everyone! The upscaled version look good enough!


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