Login screen frozen after entering password

Idk what to do. Couple days ago I was using the KDE partition manger and out of no where for an unknown reason something happened that caused the app to become unresponsive and not open up. Clicking on it multiple times just caused it to freeze up my entire computer and eventually I decided to forcefully shut the computer down to fix it which may have not been the wisest choice. Since then whenever I try to log in after entering my username and password the login screen just starts becoming completely frozen. I can still move my mouse, the screen will turn off after a couple minutes of inactivity, and am able to use CTRL + F2 but besides that I can’t get to my desktop.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this online for like an entire day and can’t seem to find a fix that I know how to put into the command line. I started using Linux since I heard almost everything can now be done using the GUI and now all of a sudden I can only use the command line that I have no clue how to use. I have ProtonVPN with a kill switch installed that auto starts with the computer so any command that makes me need to update/reinstall x11/x.org assumes I have an internet connection which the vpn is most likely blocking.

Some of the initial error messages:

kstart5 command shows this:

startx command shows this:

Help would be much appreciated as I was storing my backups temporarily on this Linux install when my computer decided would be a good time to act up.

Looks like something is wrong in your fstab at the very least - could be worse with actual partition problems.

cat /etc/fstab

Cat fstab says “no such file or directory”.
Also when I do inxi —admin —verbosity=7 —filter —width | curl -F ‘clbin=<‘ https://clbin.com it says curl: (26) Failed to open/read local data from file/application


cat /etc/fstab

IDK … it works here …

$ echo 'hi spaceraccoon' | curl -F 'clbin=<-' https://clbin.com
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This is what cat /etc/fstab and blkid show:

I’m noticing two /dev/sdd3 while /dev/sdd4 has duplicate mount points. Is this what the initial error message I got was referring to and if so which one would I remove and with what command?

Btw I was able to use sudo startx to login as root where I could only see/use some of my apps. I decided to once again use KDE partition manager (specifically it’s “change mount points” of the drives being partioned feature) and it made the situation even worse by putting me in emergency mode now. So, that app has some major bugs and is probably what’s causing these issues.

Multiple problems:

  • /dev/sdd3 is not a great identifier as it is not stable enough (seems to be /dev/sdb3 in your blkid output): use UUIDs or labels
  • do not mount 2 partitions to the same mountpoint: you will only have access to the one mounted last
  • /dev/sdd3 is mentioned twice: once with filesystem ext4 and once with filesystem ntfs - one is wrong, it cannot be both
  • /run/mount is not a mountpoint you should mount any partition on

So remove entries for /dev/sdd3, /dev/sdd3 (no typo, it’s specified twice!), /dev/sdd4 and that /dev/mapper/luks-... and try to boot up then.


What command would I use to remove them?

Use the same editor from when these entries where added.

I counted 3 items

do not remove, better backup in the same time just in case: add # as the start symbol to hide the line from being read by apps looking for config.

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Adding # in front of the last 3 using nano fixed it. Thank you all for all the help.

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