Login issues and beep

Im using a vmware workstation to virtualize manjaro xfce. The username appears in the center of login window when Im not in the vm directly. Also, I would like to deactive the alarming the beep such as logut.

On a side note,

xfce is using more resources than kali linux. I thought xfce was suppose to be lightweight.

Xfce4 is a DE (Desktop Environment) - as Gnome and KDE/Plasma are, for instance.
Kali Linux, on the other hand, is a Linux distribution - available with different DE’s, based upon the Debian Linux distribution

I’m asking myself:
What do you even mean with these questions?
I could speculate - but I rather won’t.

What is it that you are actually asking about - with your prior sentences as well?

the module pcspkr is likely not blacklisted by default in Kali

blacklist pcspkr

in a file below:

but this is speculation
(because I know neither Kali nor Debian very well) -
which I said I’d rather not do … :grin:

Kali Linux, like Manjaro, offers 3 different (official) DEs:

  • Xfce
  • KDE

Of course everything Manjaro will be more resource-hungry, a lot of time and effort goes into polishing it as much as possible, giving everyone a smoother, better experience. Whereas, I think, Kali has a completely different target market so it doesn’t have to be as polished,

maybe, maybe not
it’s an assumption … and any (unavoidable) difference in between the two is likely inconsequential to actual or perceived performance :grin:

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I will grant you it is one of the lowest ram usage for xfce system requirements

… well: thank you - but it is not me who deserves that “praise” :grin:

initial RAM usage is an especially useless metric
“advantages” all disappear once you start one single program, like … a browser …
a program you’ll almost always want and need to use …

can you help me resolve some of my issues that im having with marjaro? For example, during initial boot sequence the username will appear in light gray box overlaying the login window when im havent direct input to the vm

I’d like to, but I really can’t - I have never used vmware and have zero experience with it.

If you are not for some reason tied to using vmware … I use qemu/virt-manager and I also have used VirtualBox.

it seems something to do with hardware detection fallback or possibly something to do with the login settings/configuration

vmware is a virtual machine software
There is no real hardware in there.
It is all virtual - and done via your CPU’s virtualization capabilities.
None of it is real.

But, as I said:
I have zero experience with that particular VM software.

System sounds not-muted, even though I have them set to muted

Disable pcspkr kernel module that creates error beep alerts

sudo rmmod pcspkr

And create a blacklist entry to prevent udev loading it at boot

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf <<< 'blacklist pcspkr'

Disable PC speaker - ArchWiki

is there a way to stop or remove username from appearing over the login windows when Im not in the vm

Personally - I have no idea what you even mean with that description. :man_shrugging:

Of all the virtualization solutions, vmware is the least supported (actually: explicitly not supported) by Manjaro.
Arch (it’s base distribution) might have some clues in it’s excellent Wiki.

I cant upload photos to the forum

… and that is a good thing and intentional … :grin:
You don’t need to - just upload them to some sharing site and post the link to it here.

Or just describe in more detail …

… you can’t find anything in the Arch Wiki?

Manjaro also has got a Wiki - just saying.

im not having any luck,

It’s not about luck.

Post the pictures somewhere and link to them
or invest some time and describe the issue better.

the forum doesnt like links or pictures

you can post them as formatted text - please read some of the stuff sent to new users
which you should have received when you registered here.

It is even very easy to figure out intuitively (by trial and error …) - when you look at the menu at the top row of where you input your post.
(the result of your edits appears on the right side …)

The markdown is not working properly with links or photos