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kindly advice on how to add swap. just realized that there was no swap when i checked gparted
please kindly assist

Instructions here helped me a lot when I had questions about swap.


it wont allow me to create a swap space saying the partition is already mounted. there no unallocated space when i erase disk. i clicked swap with no hibernate but was surprise swap was not created
I also try to re-size my partition with no luck

create/use a swap file

If you did that you should already have one. Or a (maybe rather small) swap partition.
Why you apparently don’t have one, as you say - I have no idea.

But creating and integrating a swap file is easy - without having to shuffle around your partitions.

that means that there is no dedicated swap partition
there could still be a (rather small) swap file


gparted would not show this
the commands:




would show it …
as well as:

swapon --show



There are two types of swap: partition (as separated filesystem) and swapfile. If you already have a partition is mandatory to unmount it first and then reformat and convert it to swap type (82) before using it as swap. You can also create a swapfile and use the existing partition for something else.

In order to see your swap, open your terminal and issue:

sudo swapon --show

Empty means no swap, anything else the type/location or your swap.

Thanks there is a small swapfile
/swapfile file 512M 2.3M -2

I really dont know why my Laptop runs very very slow once am on the virtualbox and it takes about 3mins to boot my laptop

create a bigger one - if that 512M one is not enough
adjust the UUID in /etc/fstab afterwards

the currently used swap first … before creating a new one with the same name …

That “long” boot time is … normal
for rotational disks
adding/changing the amount of swap will not help here

all the needed data needs to be read from the hdd - it takes time …

virtualbox is:
starting another OS
from within a already running OS
it takes away from the system RAM - and it also takes time
… to “scrape” the data off the hdd …

use ssd if you want it to be faster :wink:

accessing huge rotating disks is slow
particularly with a often changing/updated system like Manjaro/Arch
… nothing is/stays contiguous - read times increase with updates

… that is what it feels like to me - it is my experience

quite a long boot time,
then quite a long time from login to DE,
then … quite long time to load the browser …
3 minutes easily …
but totally normal - with a rotating disk …

more swap will not change that
the limiting factor is simply disk access time