LightDM - Pruning / purging multiple unecessary WM options

What is with ldm WM (Gnome) options? When I select the WM options menu in ldm, this is what I see:

I understand, accept, and am happy to see these options at the bottom:

But that should be it. Next you can see:

I am uninterested in running Classic versions of Gnome.

What happens next is really strange:

It doesn’t specify which protocol, whether Xorg or Wayland.

How do I prune / delete / remove all of these redundant and non-descript options?

The options is presented as they are read from /usr/share/xsessions.

GDM is the default displaymanager for Gnome and wihen you use LightDM it is a deliberate choice.

You could try removing GDM

sudo pacman -R gdm

That said - this removal may affect the default Gnome Desktop locking mechanism.

Removing GDM may also involve other system reconfiguration such as removal of plymouth and reconfiguration of mkinitcpio and grub.

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