LibreOffice Writer - add spellcheck

I added LibreOffice recently (long after the original Manjaro install) and it’s great but there’s no spellcheck.
I’m using, auto spellcheck is selected but there is no dictionary extension and there is no correction or spell check. I think I need to download this and import it but am not sure where to look.

Any thoughts about how to add this extension would be appreciated.

The English language pack is built-in, but for other languages you’ll need to install the appropriate language pack; i.e. for German it’s libreoffice-still-de or libreoffice-fresh-de.

In general, a lot of programs use Hunspell for spell checking whether they’re declared as dependencies or not. Install hunspell-en_us for US English, for example.

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I usually search for libreoffice extensions here. After you download the desired spellchecker (it is a .oxt file), you might open it with libreoffice. Then the extension will be installed and you may activate it as @Yochanan pointed out.

Adding Hunspell did the trick. Thx

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