Lenovo touchpad/touchscreen kernel update

There is a problem with updating Manjaro for my wife’s new Lenovo laptop. Touchscreen and touchpad work upon installation. They stop working after updating.

She is currently on the kernel that came with an installation that was done last week. That installation was done with this iso:


Her current kernel is:


As also seen in this thread:

Per this thread, it is a known issue


Also discussed here:


How will I know when the kernel fix has been added to the kernel that will be in a Manjaro update that will allow the trackpad to continue to work?

I don’t want to run an update that kills the trackpad and then have to reinstall to keep on an older kernel that allows the trackpad to work

Thank you


Caveat, if her machine doesn’t have an AMD processor this probably doesn’t apply. I have have a Lenovo Flex 5 14ALC5 and this is what I have found and tried.

Kernel.org is the source for a bases that various distribution use to build their own stable or rolling distributions. Kernel 6.1.1 is the latest stable release. There is a reference in the Changelog dated 10-13-22, but I can’t be sure that 6.1.1 will include the fix, from the description; “for this to work…” kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree to read from source, the Suse contributor.

I even tried building a custom kernel using one that was reported to support both the touchscreen and touchpad, without success (Maybe I didn’t configure the makefile correctly). In any case the 5-10 kernel supports both the mousepad and touchscreen for me, later releases, when updated, broke that support; however 5.10 doesn’t support wifi on my machine.

As I said elsewhere, a usb (dongle) mouse without touchpad or touchscreen support was my best option for a couple different Arch based distributions, including Manjaro. I am currently running a different distribution based on a 5.15 kernel which supports the mouspad, touchscreen, and wifi.

I know this probably doesn’t address your specific situation or questions, but no one else has answered so I only offer what I’ve tried. It would be interesting to know if there’s a Manjaro schedule for updating kernels.


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