Lenovo plasma theme error

Hello everyone, I would kindly ask for support regarding the problem I have with my computer.

For some reason I cannot enter further than this page.
Nothing on the keyboard works and the mouse is also not working.

Hi @Jessie, and welcome!

I have never heard of something like this…usually the keyboard should at least work, if nothing else.

That is very strange.

  • What do you mean by this page?
  • Do you experience this in the Live Environment as well?

Hello, thank you for answering. I wanted to add a photo of what shows on the computer, but it doesn’t allow me to add it to the post.

I pressed ctrl+alt+fx but it doesn’t do anything.
I am not good at computer things and have no idea what live environment is?

Is there a way how I can post a photo here so that you can see what is the problem?

a Live environment is simply the environment you can work on when booting up from the ISO.

In that case I daresay Manjaro isn’t right for you. At least for now, until you have more knowledge and experience. If you want something simpler, consider Ubuntu or Linux Mint. And consider this:


Thank you so much for your time and answers, I will go check the other forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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