Lazarus Dark Theme?

Hey guys any way to make lazarus dark them work in xfce, i try alot of stuff but its not working

Thanks, SUnny

I spot multiple packages for Lazarus. Which one are you using?

the new one is anchorDocking

I wasn’t talking about IDE packages.

pacman -Qs lazarus
local/fpc-src 3.2.2-2
    Sources for the FreePascal compiler (required by the Lazarus IDE)
local/lazarus 2.2.2-3
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal common files
local/lazarus-qt5 2.2.2-3
    Delphi-like IDE for FreePascal qt5 version
    Free Pascal Qt5 binding library updated by lazarus IDE

You picked the Qt version, while Xfce uses GTK+.
You either need to configure your Qt theme – through Kvantum by default – or switch to lazarus-gtk2.

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Thanks Man, Have a great day.

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