Launch with dedicated graphics card on right click menu

Hi everyone, I am using Manjaro 21.0, and my transition from ubuntu has been awesome, and am learning gradually from the manjaro wiki too . I just have one question .

I have seen that pop os gives a functionality to start an application when clicked on the right button of the mouse, the option to launch with dedicated graphics card,

So, I looked on the manjaro wiki and found that I can launch an app from terminal that uses my dedicated graphics card using prime-run , but my knowledge to start app from terminal is low, as I am learning now.

So, can you please suggest how to enable the feature in the right click button menu, or an easy way to edit launch scripts to add the line “prime-run %command%” . My last resort will be to use the optimus manager and log out then in to use my nvidia card, but if it would be great if this feature is implemented

Also, kudos to the manjaro team

Install switcheroo-control from AUR and it’ll work just as in ubuntu/pop.

Not sure what DE you are using but I know on nemo there’s a prime-run add on that allows you to right click in nemo and open with prime-run. It’s probably not what your looking for but it can be useful

I am using manjaro KDE 21.0, with the plasma version 5.21.3

Ah sorry, the solution I posted only works with gnome. My bad.

You can copy the .desktop file from /usr/share/applications/ to .local/share/applications/ and edit them to start with prime-run on the exec-line. This will make the program always start on the dedicated graphics card though. You could probably create a separate .desktop–file for running on the dGPU if you like and rename it to something else, but then you’d have duplicates in your menus.

I suppose you could add a sub-category for right-click launches by the same method as above, check how other apps do it. Something like:

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action prime]
Name=Run on dedicated graphics card
Exec=prime-run …

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I tried your way Zom. It works. Thank you, but I tried the same for firefox, it is listed in ~/.local/share/applications but not on desktop, when I try to make it appear on desktop , its properties shows that it points to ~/usr/share/applications . So, how to make ~/.local/share/applications files appear on desktop or anywhere else?

Now I see both firefox.desktop and steam.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications but on adding firefox to desktop using add to desktop using app launcher menu, its properties show that it points to /usr/share/applications/ , so how to launch those apps in ~/.local/share/applications

I have very limited knowledge of desktop icons in general I’m afraid, and I’m not sure how plasma handles it in KDE. Maybe you can create a softlink in your desktop folder with ln -s to the .desktop-file in .local/share/applications?

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