Launch feedback on icons

i just installed Arch Mate in a VM and noticed that with the same custom icon pack,when clicking on a panel icon-Firefox for example-the icon/fox bounces out of the icon and fades away.
in my manjaro KDE i just get a spinning wheel.
i think it’s similar to this thread:

but the solution there did not fix it for me.

Enable bouncing and set the time for the animation in System Settings > Launch Feedback …

it is/was already on bouncing.

Disable it, apply, clean .cache, enable it, apply > test again.

what part of .cache should i clean?

rm -rf ~/.cache/*
all of it

i prefer not doing that,but thanks.

You could copy to a backup first, delete to see if issue fixed, and restore if not?

i see mixed opinions about deleting or messing with the .cache;
since it’s just a cosmetic feature(a bouncing icon :man_facepalming:)and nothing major,
I’ll leave it this way,unless i find an easy fix.

Just a quick reminder. Bouncy icons do not work on wayland (yet). Just in case you are running Plasma Wayland session.

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i’m not :slight_smile:

Is like washing the t-shirt you are wearing … :+1:


apparently i have that bouncy icon;
it’s visible when i move the cursor away from the panel icon.
the panel icon on the other hand has a spinning wheel.

but that’s not the effect i was looking for;
i made a video of it,it’s probably a Mate feature,
i was wondering how’s it called and if there’s a way to import it?

yeah. That’s a MATE feature/effect. I don’t think it exists in Plasma.

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