KDE/PLasma Launch Feedback Not Working

Hi all!

The subject line says it all: I have the current release of Manjaro, with KDE Plasma 5.20.5. The Launch-Feedback (SYSTEM SETTINGS / PERSONALIZATION / LAUNCH FEEDBACK) doesn’t seem to have any effect. I want the ‘bounce’ effect, where I get a tiny bouncing icon when I double-click on a desktop icon. I can’t get the bounce feedback, or any of the other effects… (AMD64 system.)

I’m probably making some simple mistake… any help?

Thanks in advance!


Indeed none of them work.

I know this thread is old as the hills (I’m the O.P.) but if anyone’s interested, I accidentally stumbled onto making launch-feedback in Manjaro/KDE/Plasma-5 work! Your mileage may vary, but here’s what it took on my system:

  1. Open the LAUNCH FEEDBACK window - in the Manjaro search window, just type in “launch feedback”. You should get right to it.

  2. Click the NO FEEDBACK button (i.e. select no feedback) and click APPLY.

  3. Now, without closing the window, click the BOUNCING (for example) button, and click APPLY again.

  4. (be sure TASK MANAGER / ENABLE ANIMATION is selected. On my system, it always was.)

That’s it. In other words, switch OFF the effect, then back ON. Easy-peasy.



On my side it started working by itself, but I messed with these settings and also switched themes so I don’t know maybe something has been refreshed or updated since you opened the thread.