Latte-dock application launcher sub menu

I start using latte-dock with kde and I have this promblem.
I add application launcher but when I right click to an app the submenu does’n show “add to desktop” option,
Is there a solution to it?

latte dock is dead:

so the best option is to uninstall it…

but I have the version 0.10.09-1

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It hasn’t been maintained anymore in almost a year. The most recent version was built on 2022.12.02.

As an alternative, you can use a Plasma panel instead. It allows most of the same functionality.


I seem to remember having to hold the ctrl key (or shift) while right-clicking. This was likely to prevent unintentional activation of the sub menu as the available space around the icons was minimal.

This is a guess, at best. It’s been a while since I tried Latte. All things considered:

Cheers. :coffee:

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