Latte Dock | End Of Life for v0.9.11

Latte v0.9.11 is the last published stable version for v0.9.x branch but it is not updated or maintained any more. It has not been updated for more than a year and unfortunately the next stable branch v0.10.x is not ready yet. I will probably need three or four months from now to complete its implementation.

The bad news is that v0.9.11 is not compatible with Plasma 5.22 . All users using v0.9.11 when they update to Plasma 5.22 will observe a broken Latte Tasks plasmoid.


Well, I do have Latte Dock installed here because I’ve played around with it, but I decided that I don’t like it ─ I use a small “standard KDE-issue” panel as “a dock” (lookalike) instead ─ but I am using one of the widgets that came with Latte, i.e. a spacer to allow for some open space between groups of icons. Will that be broken too when we move to Plasma 5.22?

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Thank you for the heads-up, I was using Latte-Dock on my dual monitor system and love it because I can have widgets and make it behave like a panel, good to know it won’t work in Plasma 5.22 right away and that gives me time to work on something else, thanks again.

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I think some of the Latte applets can live independent of Latte-Dock, and the separator only depends on plasma-workspace, same as the spacer …

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Oh no, is there a viable alternative for the mean time?

Rebuild is on AL to support KDE 5.22

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Interesting - is there any way to make the plasma panel not take up the full width of the screen?

Yes, of course. :wink:

Unlock your widgets and right-click the panel. Choose “Edit Panel”. Next to the option of adjusting the panel thickness, you’ll also see a pair of sliders on either side. You can use these to set both a minimum width and a maximum width for the panel.

The panel will then grow and shrink depending on how many items are in the task manager, or how many icons and widgets you put on the panel, but you’ll want to set the panel to “centered” in the panel options first ─ by default, it is left-aligned. :wink:

The screenshot below shows my desktop. The top panel is centered and maximized, and has a thickness of 20 pixels. The bottom panel is centered, has a thickness of 27 pixels, a minimum width of 850 pixels and a maximum width of 990 pixels. :arrow_down:

Additionally, you can also create additional panels that sit next to each other by setting their maximum size and their alignment. So for instance, like in your screenshot, you can have a short panel on the left, another short panel in the middle and another short panel on the right. And you can do this at all four of the screen edges too.

It’s KDE Plasma, man! Customizability is king! :grin:

Yes, sadly there’s no smart dodge option - my Latte tray will appear if the window isn’t there - if I go tiled, it hides until I mouse there and if I want to see it I can float the window.

Right now I can draw a ‘7’ to toggle conky clock on top, good for watching movies… then I do a reverse ‘7’ to toggle the event calendar - good for other activities.
The menu also dodges windows… which the panel won’t do - it’s either owning the space, or it’s always hiding.

I hope they bring some of Latte’s benefits to the regular panel.

I just found blogpost

Latte bug fix release v0.9.12

It seems there is a bug fix release to the Plasma 5.22 issues

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Yes there is a v0.9.12 with plasma 5.22 support : Latte Dock - KDE Store

And it’s in the unstable branch already. :wink: