Laptop wakes up at midnight

Sometimes I put my Lenovo yoga 6 laptop to sleep during the day and it does go to sleep for a long time until I wake it up without problems. My problem is that at night, when I stop working and I put it to sleep it wakes up at midnight, at a random time, and it stays awake forever until I find it the next day or until it consumes all the battery power and dies completely.

Any ideas about how to deal with this? Sleep works sometimes and it doesn’t work when it should (like forcing the system to sleep when battery is low to avoid damaging the battery)

This usually does the trick

systemctl poweroff

Maybe a GHOST or Zombie PC (just kidding)
==> did you check BIOS - sometimes there are entries for sleep-timers

Thanks, I’ll try those recommendations. What is strange to me is that it sleeps ok sometimes, and it wakes up at night.

Do you know a way to figure out what is the reason for going out of sleep in linux?

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Two things wake mine up…

  1. If the mouse gets moved before it powers off
  2. RTCwake (sudo rtcwake -m show -lv | rg alarm: )
  3. Suspend-then-hibernate - system sleeps for a certain time to wake up and then shut itself down or hibernate (suspend-then-hibernate).

If (3.) fails, then it would stay awake maybe.

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  1. Cron Jobs (multiple might appear random)?
  2. Wake on Lan?

In BIOS there are some energy specific entries like “wakeup by mouse”!!!