Laptop touchpad possible Bug

Hi, i m here today yo ask a little question that i dont know if its a bug or its just that i dont know how to configurate it, and its about the touchpad of my laptop; what do i mean? the “typical double click” when you are using it, i dont know exactly how to desbribe it, because is something i do always on windows but when using manjaro it dont work; like “a double click you do just doing to on the touchpad but not using the mouse buttons”.

Sorry for my english, but i dont know how to describe it better.

Settings - mouse and touchpad
Enable tab-to-clic
thunar filemanager settings, choose single or double clic.
Same with desktop settings.

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Thank you! It was there and i didnt see. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

You may also be interested in trying this program.

Thanks for your tip, it seems fine, i ll try it on the laptop.

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