Laptop keeps suspending/going to sleep even though im actively using it

so a day ago for some reason my laptop kept going to asleep in the middle of me doing work or watching a video; after making some observations it seemed like the laptop kept going to sleep when on battery and exactly after 20 mins, which is what my power settings have been set as for battery

edit: it happens on a/c too …

so… for some reason manjaro/kde isn’t recognizing that im actually actively using the laptop before calling for it to suspend; this is so bizzare, it just suddenly started happening out of nowhere yesterday… (my kdewallet also started acting up around the same time by not connecting to my wifi and i had to set the wifi passwords to save for all users unencrypted, don’t know if related)

this is really souring my experience on manjaro tbh (latest in a long line of outta nowhere issues)

so, any help would be much appreciated, thanks