Lack of updates past 3 months?

i know! that was not my point! why is it in testing? it came out almost 2 months ago. manjaro calls itself a rolling release! i should not be forced to use an unstable branch of a rolling release distro so i can use basic software.

Both Gnome and KDE had big updates.

There is no specific release cycle.

Stable in particular can stay stale for months at a time, save severe security patches.

This is nothing new.

You are not forced to use a Testing or Unstable branch to “use basic software”.

You do however need to use a branch other than Stable if you want more frequent updates, use the AUR, or to otherwise be closer to upstream.

In your OBS example its not that you dont have OBS, its that you want a newer version.

If you cannot wait … it is simple … do not use Stable Branch.

Or if that is untenable for some reason you do have other options like AppImage or Flatpak.


This isn’t true. Manjaro is a curated rolling release. If you want to have something sooner than the team deems it stable, then go to Arch. Or even Gentoo.

And P.S.:

This kind of aggressive, entitled attitude and behaviour will get you nowhere.

You want it sooner? Well, go to a different branch and help.


Nobody is forcing you to use Manjaro if it doesn’t suit you.


Don’t forget in FOSS nobody owes you anything.

People provide for free, and you trust in their good intend or take responsibility yourself and either check or do it yourself.

If you feel like someone gave a promise to provide something and feel the promise is not fulfilled. First thing should be to check if you understood what was actually promised.

And even if you did and they actually fell short, complaining does very little to resolve the issue.
If you want to keep the trust, you ask what happened and how to help.

Or you have to adjust your trust and maybe look out for someone else to put your trust into.

Regarding your issue of “slow” package updates. If Manjaro’s approach does not suit you you should check what they have to offer to suit you better (here switching to testing or even unstable branch). Or if someone else has a better approach for your needs.
Maybe switch to Arch directly or maybe EndeavourOS?

You will have newest up to date packages with those options. Just have to loose what Manjaro offered you.


Remind us again just how much you’re paying for the service you seem to believe you’re entitled to?


May be Manjaro maintainers are saving their efforts for Manjaro 24.0…

Clearly, you have no appreciation of what rolling release actually infers, in terms of distribution management in a Linux ecosystem. You could use Windows, and accept the smoke that M$ typically blows when dealing with uninformed complaints, or, you could accept the reality of Linux; that freedom isn’t a license for entitlement.

When distributions (as a whole) are ready, they will be released to Stable; to do otherwise would be detrimental.

Disclaimer: These words constitute my personal opinion only.



what? it is basic software! how much harm can goverlay, OBS, etc cause?
i am not talking about bleeding edge systemically relevant software. its just applications like browsers, which they manage to update very frequently.

sadly my time does!
i also kinda like manjaro, but again… i am talking about simple applications like browser!
why cant you just answer me why it takes so long to update OBS?

i can remind you how much other distros cost. distros with up to date simple applications

As everyone seems in a reminder mode, may I remind you that you’re free to use any of those other distros. While I don’t know specifically why OBS has not been pushed to Stable, it doesn’t take a smart person to extrapolate that there is likely a good reason for it; perhaps the likely incompatibilites with Plasma6 and related packages, for example.

Incidentally, OBS is far from basic software.

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Your definition of “basic software” is, quite obviously different from the actual definition of basic software. bash might be considered basic software. Neither OBS nor Firefox are considered “basic”.

Except, perhaps, of you want to call Firefox’ more than 21 Million lines of code “basic”. For comparison, the Linux kernel has ±28 million lines of code.

And that’s Manjaro and/or Manjaro’s fault, and problem, how?

Although I doubt this very much, this is EXACTLY the point, you don’t get to make 1 single demand.

You’d do well to work through this:

@moderators I think this thread can be closed and unlisted.

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In my experience of using Linux for the best part of 30 years, there are very few distros with more up-to-date applications than is Manjaro. Perhaps you ought to take your sense of self-entitlement to one of the distros where you pay for the premium service you apparently think you should be getting here for nothing.


Yeah and someone else will ask for 3 different programs, and then another one will want to have those other 5 apps, and so on. So in the end with everyone’s wish included you get to where the unstable or testing branches are. So there you go.

Also keep in mind that programs depend on different libraries and other programs, so you usually can’t just update that one single thing.

This thread has been marked as solved, with respect the OP.

For the sake of concerns expressed by @longusnickus - please see the post by @cscs who suggests a viable workaround for the time being: to use either the .appImage or flatpak version of OBS.

As has been previously suggested, this thread has likely run its course.


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I noticed that too and I also have been using Manjaro for a couple of years (and there is no reason to open an acoount in this forum upon first install, right?). Strategy of updating Manjaro stable branch has changed sometime in February this year.
I’m wondering if that is only temporary or is that a directional change. I have been reading forum articles almost every day in the past 18 month but I did recently not run across anything with a clear statement (maybe at a higher forum trust level?).
In all fairness kernels and security related packages have seen regular updates on stable as well as Manjaro promoted non-foss packages such as Softmaker-office.
I also think that holding back plasma 6 from stable is wise.
But facing current issues on stable such as non-available flatpak security update or the validity check with some AUR packages (such as AUR - Librewolf-bin) will force me to move on.

The AUR is unsupported on Manjaro. I’m sure you must have seen that mentioned on more than one occasion. However, if you must move on, it’s your choice - you are not being forced. Cheers.

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This has nothing to do with Manjaro and I told you this already.

There has been no change. But every year when some update lags a bit (yes, it’s every year) there are few people like you spewing out this crap.

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While that’s not enough time to detect a change of general strategy, this might be connected to the fact that KDE Plasma 6 released end of feburary. And Gnome 40 short after before this huge change for KDE could reach stable.
So with the two mayor DE’s getting a mayor overhaul that might be what keeps the team busy for some time.
Both of these updates not only bring a lot of testing and waiting for upstream fixes. But also require to adapt some of Manjaros own theming for those environments.


i was NOT demanding. i was asking WHY!

i think i can easily name you 10 with research. MXLinux, kdeneon, elementaryOS, EndeavourOS, nobara are normally very fast

actually i do since 30.1 beta. but i do not like this bloated packagemanager. i also updated yt-dlp by myself, but i thought that this is 1 big advantage of linux. update the whole system with one click, but it feels like windows again.

sorry, but imho if they put it in their packagemanager, they have to take care about them. and OBS was released 2 months ago. there also was a BETA, which they can test in unstable and have even more time
and as is said above: i use it for months without any troubles, so i still do not get it why it takes so long and no one gave me an answer.

You’ve been told already that you have options in the way of branches.

Stamping your feet is not going to make the snap to Stable Branch come any quicker.

If you cannot wait … use a different branch.


Partial upgrades are unsupported and among the worst ideas in this thread.

Please familiarize yourself with the system. The wiki is a great place to start.


The query is answered.
I’m closing this as it is already resolved … and so that you dont continue to get dog piled. :slight_smile: