Kvantum is causing problems

Inrerestingly, with both KeePassXC and Pamac up and by cycling through the inbuilt adwaita and matcha’s in “appearance” I can see the only dark theme that works is Adwaita-dark which is what I use and this is the status before today’s updates.
So looking like find a dark theme on internet or see what other distros do these days…

You are on XFCE … which is not only GTK , but a turtle in terms of development.
So its behind other GTK desktops like Gnome, which is now using GTK4 (And specifically libadwaita) … which is not going to be supported by every theme that ‘works’ on XFCE.
pamac now is also gtk4 (and libadwaita)
If you want an older pamac, for now you can use pamac-gtk3

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Hi @jaroMAN ,
I am on XFCE an I solved the problem removing kvantum:

sudo pacman -Rdd kvantum

Then, as was posted on the stable release announcment I also run:

sudo pacman -Syu glibc-locales --overwrite /usr/lib/locale/\*/\*

because it requires manual intervention.

Hope it helps, regards

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Removing kvantum is a very drastic “solution”, if one continues to use QT apps, they will be even more ugly.
And pamac is either a gtk3 or gtk4 app so it does not use kvantum anyway.
Just don’t remove the now orphaned matcha package, or select another similar dark theme from kvantum, like the adwaita ones work.

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Issue with pamac GUI theme on Xfce was reported 3 months ago and is still included in stable update announcements:

pamac GUI is based on GTK not QT so it does not need qt5ct or kvantum on Xfce

IMO suggestion to remove kvantum is misinformation from KDE users

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No, its just a false assumption that OP made, which has been debunked a few times.

First line, first post:

The other component of the post does have to do with QT.

It all boils down to not understanding the theme frameworks. :person_shrugging:

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Xfce and Budgie ISOs include kvantum and kvantum-theme-matcha
Gnome and Cinnamon ISOs include kvantum and kvantum-manjaro

IMO It would make more sense to have kvantum-manjaro on all DEs

If a distro-supplied kvantum theme is removed from the repository, then the user can still use it by fetching the theme from store.kde.org, save and unpack the tarball in their $HOME somewhere, and then load the theme into the Kvantum Manager. kvantum will then store the theme in its configuration directory under $HOME/.config/Kvantum.

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I know, right?

Not anymore. :wink:

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Just downloaded xfce minimal ISO and it’s there. Even in installer packages.

The removal is since yesterday, the iso-s on the site are from 19. Sept. Maybe there are newer on gitlab. Does not really matter much on a rolling release. Just update the system and remove the orphans (or not).

+1 to this!

Important Note: The Manjaro Sway Edition spin uses Matcha-dark-sea as its default theme! So removing kvantum-theme-matcha will break it for all Manjaro Sway users!

kvantum-theme-matcha will be be replaced with kvantum-manjaro in next ISO release
gitlab.manjaro.org - Kvantum theme & package name changes (9809566d)

It’s important to note that “Matcha” themes are a complete set of themes for both GTK & QT.

So while matcha-kde has not had recent commits, it doesn’t seem true that in general “Matcha” themes are unmaintained, based on the following recent releases for matcha-gtk:

The developer is maintaining many other themes, and it could be that the matcha-kde variant just hasn’t received as much attention, or is considered feature complete at this point. :person_shrugging:

FYI, the kvantum-theme-matcha theme we use was originally a fork of Vince’s Matcha-kde theme by @cscs.

❯ pacman -Si kvantum-theme-matcha | grep URL
URL             : https://gitlab.com/cscs/matcha-kde

Yes, I’m aware :wink:
Just wanted to make sure others are aware of current dependencies for Manjaro Sway, in case the idea was to remove that package from repos.

Source: cscs/matchama-kde

Matchama KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Matcha for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras.

EDIT: FYI: In case it helps for future reference & theme migration…

It looks like the same original developer, vinceliuice, has been working recently on a theme called Qogir. It has a Qogir-manjaro-dark variant which looks very similar to Matcha-dark-sea & Matchama themes.

Hi @Teo ,
I can olny say that removing kvantum and running the instruction to update as was posted it solved my problem.
kvantum was replaced with kvantum-manjaro and I did not remove the matcha package. I selected another dark theme when I run kavantum afterwards.
Maybe I am lucky enough, I will wait to another update.


kvantum-manjaro has a dependency kvantum, obviously. You can’t install a theme without the theming engine, lol.

so no, it was not. In the beginning of the topic is explained what is what.


I am glad that someone decided to revert the change since of today and the theme is againg a dependency by default. It is only logical, if you provide a xfce desktop with matcha-gtk-theme by default, and installed kvantum and qt5ct by default, to provide a matching visual appearance in the qt apps. Otherwise a novice user will either think “manjaro xfce is ugly inconsistent” wenn he runs his first qt app, or post a topic “how to fix” and always receive the answer, “yeah we know, now install this”.

The inconsistency with the gtk4 dark theme (the missing theme) is bad enough, maybe it is time to fix that too in the default config, since the manjaro team is actively developing (pamac) for gtk4? Shouldn’t be that hard to clone a file or 2 with another name in the system path, as i did in my .config. Maybe make adv-gtk4 package and a dependency of pamac, exactly as adv-gtk3 now works?

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Will try this at the weekend, I don’t need the glibc fix as I don’t have glibc-locales installed.
Switching pamac to pamac-gtk3 it’s rather ugly looking compared to the gtk4 default.

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