Krunner search bar in Application Launcher returns nothing when used

I’m encountering an issue with my search bar in the KDE Application Launcher where nothing shows up when I type something in to search. One temporary workaround is to delete the entire panel and create a new one, but this only works until the system reboots. I double-checked the search plugins, and Krunner works fine when used separately from the Application Launcher. Some guidance would be much appreciated, thank you!

A temporary workaround that I’ve found helpful is to switch from Application Launcher to Application Menu. Right click on the Application Launcher in the bottom left and choose “Show Alternatives”.

I was having a similar issue. I have two monitors and if I opened one of my Application Launchers and immediately started typing, nothing would show up. If I opened the other, it showed everything I had just typed previously. It’s as if it is only aware of one of them. Switching to Application Menu for both Task Bars is the best workaround I’ve come across.

EDIT: I was also having issues getting back search results from the Application Launcher, but the Application Menu doesn’t seem to have this issue.


I did notice that it was working on my second monitor but not on my primary one. I’ll try this workaround, thank you!

Any time!

I’ve had trouble finding others with the same issue. =/

Probably in some way related to:

The workaround is to replace the kickoff applet:

What the people upstream did is to remake the entire code for the application launcher (commited ~6 months ago) and they probably did some mistakes regarding the krunner (search) instance. (It seems that they only create one instance of the search - and the code is trying to bind several kickoff applets to the same search instance, which results in this buggy behavior)

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Switching to an alternative and switching back fixed it for me. Thanks

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