Search not working in KDE

I click on the Manjaro button at the botton left to bring up the Applications. I can view them all. However search is not functioning and if I type in something to search in that location nothing happens, so I have to find the application manually by scrolling down in All Applications.
In File Search, Enable File Search and Also index file content are both checked.
In KRunnner, all available plugins are checked and I’ve tried unchecking them all and rebooting and them checking them all and rebooting.

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You can also use find on console.

Try the following in a terminal ─ as yourself, not as root and not with sudo:arrow_down:

balooctl disable && balooctl purge && balooctl enable

You’ll have to give it time after that, because the above commands purge the database and require Baloo to start re-indexing everything again.


If you have multiple kickoff applets (start menu) or other applets which have the search function, your issue might be related to this:

Other related issues:

Upstream KDE Bug:

Oddly, it does work when I click on the Manjaro button and start typing in the app that I’m looking for, then it will show everything. However, if I click on the search bar at the top of the application lists after clicking the Manjaro button, then nothing displays.

Did anyone try this solution?
I had the same problem and after researching it for hours, I had already restored with Timeshift and then Déjadup, once I found this post. I still don’t know what caused the loss of focus, so I am prepared to use your fix @Aragorn.

I did try this solution and it didn’t help. I suspect this issue was caused by recent update I did, but now I am stuck looking for apps by applications tab.

Have you followed No search results in application launcher - #6 by alkl ?

Make sure that you either restart your system, or restart plasmashell, if you have placed the working org.kde.plasma.kickoff inside ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/:

kquitapp5 plasmashell
kstart5 plasmashell

However, a upstream Bugfix is currently in the state of Merging: Move plasmoid specific properties out of singleton (!744) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab and should land inside the next KDE Plasma Release. (I tested it and it seems to work) That might be interesting for @philm

Ok, strange things are happening on my computer. It started working now after I had to shutdown computer forcefully (by pressing button on a case). When I started Manjaro again it was suddenly working. No clue why.