Keyboard media keys no longer working for spotify from AUR

My media keys on my keyboard stopped working.

I found solutions, this for example.

$ pacman -Ss playerctl
extra/playerctl 2.4.1-3
    mpris media player controller and lib for spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others.

It’s not installed.
What on earth made the keys work before?
Has there been any changes in Manjaro that could have caused this?

I’m also not convinced this is the solution because if I try to edit media control in settings (before installing playerctl) is says:

I’d rather not install something if its just a missconfiguration somewhere.

Oddly the voume up/down works, but they are connected to Audio volume, not Media control.

Edit 2
I changed the topic, I just realized if I rebound the keys they started to work in VLC, but not in spotify installed from AUR (witch is what i used it for in 99% of the times)

Sounds like you need to check spotify’s keybindings.

If it’s not that then you probably need to speak to the devs.

You definitely shouldn’t need to install anything. They go through xkb.

Yeah, I think you might be on to something, there is no longer any settings button in spotify. :open_mouth:


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