Keyboard layout changed behaviour - need pointers to fix

Hello everyone,

I use the “US international with dead keys” layout on all my Manjaro installs. I got used to its behaviour but for some (unknown to me) reason, the behaviour with the apostrophe/quote changed recently.

When pressing the key that displays ´", it used to produce a dead straight single quote like ', and then I could either press space to have a single quote or apostrophe, or accentuate the subsequent letter.

For a couple of days now, it yields an accent ´ which is not really useful - although not as typographically correct as a curly quote ’, a straight quote ( ') is really what I am looking for.

How to fix this ? Either this change is documented and hopefully I can revert to a previous version, either I´ll need to manually override this, but I don´t have single clue about how to do so. Any pointer would be really appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

Hello and welcome to the Forum!

This seems to be an issue in Gtk. Users in this thread provide some solutions:

This is an upstream GTK issue - no immediate fix is available at the moment.

The only thing you can do is to report it upstream at the gnome bugzilla.

Thanks, a lot ! I was able to fix the behaviour by creating XCompose files.

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I have read some issues threads on some githubs and I didn’t even understand whether this was an actual bug or actually a fix that fixed a bug so old it had become the de facto standard.

Anyway the manual fix that was introduced fixed it for me.

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