Kernel update problem

I have a kernel update problem. Currently running 5.14.21-2 lts, which now lists as “unsupported”. When I try to install 5.15.25-1 lts or 5.16.11-2 stable, both fail, and have for days.

Both are from “” [The requested URLs returned error: 404.] Starting to wonder if this site is ever going to come back up.

There are no other stable kernels available in Manjaro kernel manager. Are there other sources for these kernels, or other Manjaro compatible kernels [5.15+] I can use? Thanks!

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5.14 was not an LTS kernel and has been EOL since November 2021.

That’s because neither your mirrors nor your package database are anywhere near being up to date.

See Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro

for others kernels see

sudo mhwd-kernel -l

you can add linux517

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux517

Thanks for your help. I’m still learning Linux. Re: Packages, comming from decades of MS Windows experience, where so much is an automatic process handled by the OS, I assumed that the package database was automatically updated by Manjaro — didn’t know I needed to do it.
Re: Mirrors, I knew nothing about mirrors, or that such a database existed, which I think you guessed by the link you supplied me. Studying that page and the general Pacman info page, I learned all I needed to do the updates and retreive a new LTS kernel. My problem is now solved. Without your comments, I wouldn’t have been aware of what I needed to know. Thanks again!

Both the mirror list and package database is automatically updated by default.

The mirror list updates every Thursday. You can check the status to make sure it’s enabled:

systemctl status pamac-mirrorlist.timer

Add/Remove Software (Pamac) checks for updates automatically in the background. You can change the update check frequency in the preferences.

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