Kernel Modules are failing after updating

Couple of days ago
whenever i start my system am being shown Failed to Load Kernel Modules
and also systemd-modules-load.service is failing
please let me know what details i need to providing support

inxi -Fazy
journalctl --boot=0 --priority=3 --no-pager


click this icon in the editor: </>
and put the output there

just click the icon, dont write anything and remove the type or paste code here and put there the outputs



:face_with_peeking_eye: :smile:
you put inside the output from:
inxi -Fazy
journalctl --boot=0 --priority=3 --no-pager

i’m sorry i’m not able understand you

i’m in emergency mode so i wont able to take screenshot

i see, so you cant boot and copy the text…

yeah that is problem

you need to chroot using a manjaro live usb

i’m having a manjaro live usb


ok so boot into it, connect to internet and run this command:
sudo manjaro-chroot -a

is this picture from trying to boot into manjaro iso?

yes it is being pushed into rescue mode

it may be a corrupted iso, or the way it was flashed onto usb … can you download ventoy and use it to flash the manjaro iso

okay will do give me 5min

booted into it just now

so open terminal and run this:
sudo manjaro-chroot -a