Kernel install status is not loaded at first time

Each time I open kernels settings page for the first time, the install status is not loaded at all : some installed kernels show install buttons beside them,

Only after clicking on another category in Plasma settings then re-selecting kernels settings then the install status is loaded

Have you cleaned out your ~/.cache/ after the update (as was recommended in the announcement)? :wink:

Yes, I did it many times :slight_smile:

While completely logged out of Plasma? There’s no point in doing it while you’re still logged in.

Yes I rebooted then clicked CTRL+ALT+F2 then typed my login/pass and issued “rm -rf .cache” command then clicked CTRL+D and ALT+F1 and finally typed login/pass.

Well, between this System Settings issue and the Manjaro logo not showing up in your Info Center, there must be something seriously wrong inside your home directory, because on my end, everything’s functioning normally. :astonished:

What you could try ─ just as confirmation ─ is create a new user account and see if that account has the same problem. :man_shrugging:

In fact the kernel install problem is not new but an old one, and it occurs only after I boot and open kernel setings for the first time, but work fine after opening it again.

See my post above yours. Unless you test both this issue and the logo issue with a different user account, we’ll have no way of knowing whether the problem is situated in your home directory or in one or several of the system directories.


I created a new user and rebooted then logged with it, both problems happen with it.
NB: For the kernel settings problem you should reboot completely your system to see it.

How did you update your system?

Using Pamac.

It was advised in the announcement thread to do it with pacman for this update. :arrow_down:

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How would I know I should do it using pacman ? Pamac showed the update and I launched it, I’m on stable branch so for me all updates are relatively safe and stable. Or should I open the forum each time an update is showed ?

Yes, you should. That’s why the #announcements category was created ─ it also already existed on the old forum, by the way.

Every major update comes with a dedicated thread under the #announcements category, of which the second post contains a list of all the potential issues and how to solve them or work around them.

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There is also a system tray applet that you can install which shows you important notifications, i.e. matray. :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S matray
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This kind of info is really important and should be added to the system upgrade process, because I installed Manjaro for some people who don’t even know reading English, so accessing the forum and reading its contents is not possible for them and I’m sure they are suffering like me :joy:.

I think matray comes installed by default in the recent .isos, but I’m not 100% certain. I don’t have it installed here, but this system was installed over two and a half years ago, and I have so far not had any reason to reinstall.

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Can you check whether this also fixes the kernel list discrepancy?

It’s not resolved, it’s like if kernel settings page shows its components before even the install status checking is over, that’s why the second time the page is requested it’s loaded correctly.