Kernel 6.5 doesn't work with AMD A9 APU

i still experience black screen (after entering login password) in kernel 6.5, still experience this in 6.5.3
in kernel 6.4 / 6.1 LTS, work fine, no black screen

is my hardware too old for new kernels? (laptop with dual GPU : AMD A9-9420 + radeon M530 discrete)

or do i need to do something to make 6.5 work?

Alright, please ask yourself why you would need a newer kernel. Are there any benefits you barely need? Linux 6.1 goes EOL in about 3 years.

Probably not, but new features mostly have benefits for newer hardware, while older hardware needs sometimes parameter adjustments to make it workable.

I can only grab a glass globe and consult the stars, but must likely there are hints in the journal which lead you the path to a problem and then you can research for a solution.

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well, i feel (slight) performance increase in kernel 6.4 vs 6.1 (in my laptop), that’s why i think 6.5 will make it better

em, how can i check the journal if the laptop goes black screen?

Try this,.



and verify that “amdgpu” is in the MODULES list

# vim:set ft=sh
# The following modules are loaded before any boot hooks are
# run.  Advanced users may wish to specify all system modules
# in this array.  For instance:
#     MODULES=(piix ide_disk reiserfs)

# This setting includes any additional binaries a given user may
# wish into the CPIO image.  This is run last, so it may be used to
# override the actual binaries included by a given hook
# BINARIES are dependency parsed, so you may safely ignore libraries

Then run:

sudo mkinitcpio -P

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Oh well, a feeling. Alright.

Um, so actually it shouldn’t be that hard to do a web search to find what this journal is in Linux and how to get information from it. I’m the wrong person if you want to have something pre-chewed. I’ve done this so often that I can fill books with it, but you don’t read it, you ask again. Nothing personal :wink:

thanks, will try tonight & inform you the result

Try brightness keys first.
If it doesn’t help: boot into a working kernel and then read the journal.

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ok, will try

brightness key didn’t help

i attached journalctl output from booting with kernel 6.5

i didn’t find the root cause, there is no red text at the end of the journal

here is screenshot of mkinitcpio.conf

have tried adding =“amdgpu” and sudo mkinitcpio -P

then restart with kernel 6.5, but result is the same, sorry

thank you for the advice, anyway

Please do not post screenshots of text. Use copy+paste and proper formatting:


hi,actually i have saved the output of command :

journalctl -b -1

as txt file, i used journalctl -b -1 > [filename].txt
but it contains > 1000 lines

i have tried to send the txt file to this form, but failed
is there better way to communicate the content of this file?

journalctl --boot=-1 | curl -F'file=@-'

It will print a link when upload is successful.

More here: [HowTo] use public command-line pastebin services without installing anything!


ok, will try

here are the journals (i also sent booting in 6.4 & 6.1LTS for comparison)

boot kernel 6.5
(seems problem with org.kde.Ksplash?)

boot kernel 6.4

boot kernel 6.1LTS

i tried again, but get different journal (confused)

My take: Choose stability over any perceived performance boost.

Use the LTS (long-term support) kernel (6.1), and enjoy life.

i know that, but curiosity is not a sin, right?

Not that I’m aware of.
…but then, there is that old saying “curiosity killed the … fluffy … cat”, or something like that. Cheers.