KeeWeb update errors

keeweb@1.16.7 postinstall /home/estudio/.cache/yay/keeweb/src/keeweb
cd desktop && npm install

added 1 package from 1 contributor and audited 1 package in 0.538s
found 0 vulnerabilities

added 1270 packages from 547 contributors and audited 1471 packages in 26.078s

50 packages are looking for funding
  run `npm fund` for details

found 5 low severity vulnerabilities
  run `npm audit fix` to fix them, or `npm audit` for details
>> Local Npm module "grunt-appdmg" not found. Is it installed?
Loading "grunt-notarize.js" tasks...ERROR
>> Error: Cannot find module 'electron-notarize'
Loading "grunt-osx-sign.js" tasks...ERROR
>> Error: Cannot find module 'electron-osx-sign'

Running "clean:dist" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.

Running "clean:desktop" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.

Running "copy:html" (copy) task
Copied 1 file

Running "copy:icons" (copy) task
Copied 17 files

Running "copy:manifest" (copy) task
Copied 2 files

Running "webpack:app" (webpack) task
Fatal error: iconFontScssSource.matchAll(...) is not a function or its return value is not iterable

Execution Time (2021-01-03 16:51:36 UTC+1)
loading tasks  648ms  β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡ 25%
copy:icons      63ms  β–‡β–‡β–‡ 2%
webpack:app     1.9s  β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡β–‡ 72%
Total 2.6s

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
error making: keeweb

How do I go about this now, gents?
It used to be so easy but now that yaourt is no longer recommended, it has become a task in its own right.

pamac upgrade -a

This was helpful for now:

The freaking error is back - am I the only one suffering here?

This time

pamac upgrade -a

doesn’t help at all.

That’s seem to be an issue with the PKGBUILD itself. Manjaro can not fix that for you.

Check the page for that specific AUR package for more information. Read the comments section and see if you can get your issue resolved with the information there.

Actually, it kinda did.

This time round what I did was - enter Pamac (after the most recent update of Pamac), looked for the updates and only THEN I saw suggestion to remove nodejs 10 and substitute it with nodejs 14, an option I had never seen before.

No I am happy :slight_smile:

I see. Was some issue with the nodejs version.
A new version came with the latest stable update I guess.

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