Kdenlive transitions not rendered in 21.04.0

Latest Kdenlive on Manjaro stable (21.04.0) seems to have some problem with rendering the transitions.

All seems ok in the preview/editor window but when creating the final rendering, the transitions are not applied and on scene skip to another in a harsh way.

Tested on Xfce, using a mp4 (x264) rendering with different parameters.

Same project rendered on Flatpak Kdenlive 21.04.1 does not exhibit this bug.

The bug could also resides in MLT rather than Kdenlive itself.

Previous Manjaro Kdenlive release did not have this bug.

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Seems to be related to mlt6 as a rebuild of kdenlive using AUR package does not fix the problem.

I confirm this bug. Anybody knows, how to fix it?

Still same behavior with latest update (mlt was updated to 6.26.1-4)…
I have to use the flatpak version sadly :frowning:

I found the solution!

One need to go into Configuration → Kdenlive Configuration → Environment → MLT location → /usr/bin/mlt6

/usr/bin/mlt is now a symlink to /usr/bin/mlt7 and Kenlive is not yet compatible with mlt 7, so you should explicitly specify the 6 version.

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Something has changed. Now Kdenlive supports mlt7 and runs better than with mlt-6. So make the settings like this:

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Thank you for this information !

Sei so nett und bleibe bei Kdenlive - gemeinsam kriegen wir die Software so hin, dass sie immer besser wird. Wenn Du Fragen hast, leg los.