[Stable Update] 2021-05-19 - Kernels, Nvidia, KDE Frameworks, Plasma, Systemd, LibreOffice, KDE Gear Mobile, FF, TB

Check if you have any -git packages of KDE software or plasma-desktop-primex installed. If so, replace them with the regular packages.

Works. (replacement -git packages) Thank you!

Dang, I also experienced this when I came back home today. I had to restart PulseEffects and then it all worked. I used these 2 commands in a terminal to fix it:

$ pulseeffects -q
$ pulseeffects --gapplication-service & disown

Maybe this is a PulseEffects bug though. I’m using pulseeffects-git from the AUR with @philm’s build of PipeWire 0.3.28. I’ll check the PulseEffects bug tracker on GitHub.

I’ve got to say this situation with the Nvidia drivers is pretty terrible. As a somewhat literate user, I’ve read this thread multiple times to determine what the best course of action is to not end up with a system that won’t boot, and I’ve found conflicting information about which packages to ignore, then due to kernel updates, maybe having to get a dkms Nvidia driver from sourceforge for the non upgraded driver to work. I just don’t think this is even somewhat of a workable solution for someone relatively new to linux. What is needed is some sort of consistent message as to the best course of action for the users that do end up at this forum to take.
For right now I’m choosing to simply not upgrade, but I’m sure there are more than a few users out there who are just sitting at a black screen and have no way to figure out how to get back to a working system.
I love manjaro but these kind of situations make it difficult to recommend to users wanting to try linux.


@CarloChaos: :+1: thank you, you are right!
Above, you can see, I was one of the owners of blackscreen (DP/4K) :hot_face:. Now I am back to a working system thanks Timeshift and before a working update (like you) :roll_eyes:

The bug with NVIDIA is critical, but the Dev-communication to this is a disaster. I use manjaro for more than three years (and it makes mainly a fantastic job). Since the first NV-disaster at the end of 2020 I look for alternatives, cause Stable (for me) seems more and more experimental.

A second problem, for a longer time Manjaro don´t initialize sound with two different Gigabyte-Boards (with LiveStick!) ALC1220 Soundchip. But all functions are o.k. with MX-Linux and Fedora, Win10.

After request here (German section) the reaction: DAU and the question “You work for Microsoft?” - N.C. - Enough is enough!


I have an issue with Kdenlive update, video transitions are not working anymore.
Subject can be found here.

I could not boot because of the displayport bug (nvidia 1050 ti, 1920x1080). Fortunately I still had a hdmi cable. With that connected it boots correctly.

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ya, a real mess

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absolutely true MichaelP, I dont know why , but “stable” has lost its usual robustness. I suggest that more time be allocated to intensive testing. otherwise Manjaro reputation will suffer. “stable” must be rock solid.


Don’t know why, but the “official” mesa provided by Manjaro - Mesa 21.0.3-3 - does not work very well with Vega 64. Several of games refuse to start at all (HZD; Control). Kind of workaround so far was to replace them with mesa-git and lib32-mesa-git from AUR and it has been working quite well, however, being devel branch and git and whatever, it is also kind of unstable and subject to crashes. Lately too often sadly.

Is it okay for now to hold off on this update and wait until a next stable release with nvidia fixes? I don’t want to take the risk tbh.

Or is it better to update everything except for the nvidia drivers?

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This nvidia fiasco has been handled exceptionally poorly.

Deliberately including a widely reported broken driver in a stable release known to cause a failure to boot is unforgivably blithe and only serves the damage the reputation of the distribution.

The solution of offering vague and often incompletely explained instructions concerning pacman exclusions is one thing, recommending users transition to nouveau is arrogance beyond reprieve. How anyone could recommend a driver set known to be a poorly performing, functionally incomplete alternative with limited hardware support for any GTX900 maxwell class cards or newer is unfathomable, especially in light of the ease of bundling the working nvidia drivers. Note this is a statement of fact not a criticism of the efforts of those attempting to reverse engineer, deliberately hindered by nvidia.

I can only surmise the arrogance with which this has been imposed is due to some sort of distaste for nvidia by those making package inclusion decisions.


Sorry, but I just don’t understand you.
Linux is not Windows. Linux is free, and is maintained by willing people who spend their free time running an operating system as complex as Manjaro.
The Nvidia driver is proprietary, and in Manjaro ‘they try’ to make it work, but it is not the fault of the Manjaro maintainers if Nvidia does not cooperate.
Rather blame Nvidia.

Or, much more easily, dual-boot Windows and use it for those games (or applications) that don’t work in Manjaro.
It’s not very difficult, is it?

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On shutdown, I had the message
Failed unmounting /tmp:
systemd-shutdown[1]: Waiting for process: (about 15 different processes here)

and it hung for about 5 minutes before finally shutting down.

It’s quite simple, why release a known broken driver for Nvidia in stable when a perfectly suitable working alternative exists? Nouveau is virtually unusable for modern nvidia cards.
This is not a complex decision.

This has nothing to do with your irrelevant statements about linux being free, proprietary drivers, complexity of the OS or some vague recriminations about using windows. There’s no “trying to make it work” in this case, just bundling of a working driver. Nvidia co-operating, what do you mean? Somethings political about proprietary versus free?

To reiterate, evil Nvidia release a broken driver, it’s widely acknowledged as such and well known, someone includes it in stable?

You seem to be of the opinion that because linux is free, expect it to be deliberately broken, questionable actions are immune from criticism and just install an entire alternative OS should it break?


Yes, that’s OK and possible as long as you don’t want to update or install anything else until then. Obviously we should update, though…

I haven’t updated in a while because there was always something that people mentioned that wasn’t working and I somehow rely on. Just make sure that you take all precautions (backup, timeshift) and you will use pamac -Syyu on the command line instead of pacman for bigger stuff.

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You guys usually do a pretty solid job of pushing out new updates and I am very grateful for the work you do. Its amazing, really. But I do have to say that adding a driver that has known issues to the stable branch is not a good idea. Nouveau is not really an option given its state. Holding off on adding that driver to the stable branch would’ve been a better decision. Those who want the cutting edge could have always switched to the non-stable branches. I hope you don’t take this as “hate” or an attack on you but rather criticism aimed to improve manjaro as a hole. Thank You.


Two nvidia cards: RTX 3080 & GeForce 1030. Two monitors: 49" Samsung 5120x1440 (DP) and 19" HP 1440x900 (HDMI). Absolutely no problems with any connection of monitors to the video outputs.

I understand you. But consider the survey of this update: 10-15% of users who updated have problems. Can we therefore say that with 85% of people without problems, this update is stable enough? I think yes.
Manjaro is a rolling realease and there’s not much time to wait for everything to be perfect. If you are looking for more perfect stability, it is better to focus on a Debian distro, for example.
Windows is the most used OS in the world, installed on critical machines, yet its updates are often a nightmare.
Criticizing is absolutely legitimate, but before criticizing it should be recognized that every OS has weaknesses. The smartest thing to do is to choose the distro that suits us best. In my opinion, for example, using Manjaro, a rolling realease, to play games, is wrong. It is not Manjaro that is wrong but it is the user’s choice that is wrong.

That is just your interpretation.
Facts are: 10-15% of people who voted in this poll have/had problems.

Hard to tell.