KDE/Xfce performance differences

Is there a noticeable CPU/RAM performance difference between
KDE or XFCE on the same machine?

XFCE has a ‘leaner’ reputation, I would say it is the same, but I guess you could see by yourself how both perform with a live USB from latest ISO releases.

They’re both fairly similar on resources theses days. Biggest differences are kde has far more customisation but also more bugs/quirks whereas xfce is pretty solid but not the options of kde

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The guys above has mentioned they are the same in resources but in my experience xfce consumes less ram compared to kde

This was discussed previously. Have a look there.

@Thenujan that was a long time ago. Nowadays it’s just a question of taste and the differences are less than 1% between the two. If you want a “minimal” desktop experience, the Manjaro LXQT spin is the one to go for…

Having said the above, KDE has a lot of optional components like Magic Lamp, Wobbly Windows, fading pop-ups, Translucency, … so if you turn everything ON, yes, KDE will use more CPU and more RAM than XFCE…