KDE X11 issue after installing and using plasma-wayland-session

I had been curious about how to enable the wayland option for my older KDE Plasma install, thinking I’d like to have the option to try wayland one day. After reading the Did Manjaro KDE switched to Wayland? post I concluded this “new” package was my missing link and proceeded to install plasma-wayland-session, which also prompted to install xorg-wayland as well, and afterwards was prompted to reboot.

Post reboot, I saw the bottom/left selector and confirmed I could see both options (X11 and wayland), and so I thought I’d give the wayland option a go; curiosity killed the cat. After clicking around a bit, I decided to log out and switch back to X11.

After logging back in I noticed my wallpaper was wrong… defaulting to newer blue/orange image. I thought I’d run journalctl to see if anything was posted there… and found that I have a problem with xdg-desktop-portal-kde:

$ journalctl --priority err --boot 0
Jun 09 01:17:00 AM4-5600X-Linux xdg-desktop-portal-kde[12690]: This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
                                                               Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, wayland-egl, wayland, wayland-xcomposite-egl, wayland-xcomposite-glx, xcb.
Jun 09 01:17:00 AM4-5600X-Linux systemd-coredump[12694]: [🡕] Process 12690 (xdg-desktop-por) of user 1000 dumped core.
                                                         Module linux-vdso.so.1 with build-id a6913678db0cce9811d35c782542decae1d16452
                                                         Module libuuid.so.1 with build-id 032a21acd159ee3902605e9911be5f86a7df7df9
                                                         Module libxcb-util.so.1 with build-id 4188ebc629b472b560849c5792a69c1803c3d1a4
                                                         Module libxkbcommon-x11.so.0 with build-id c942fd85702bc7165a42bcb102660f9413376572
                                                         Module libICE.so.6 with build-id af53458a64fe1e62a4d95606f7b03c210b2b098c
                                                         Module libSM.so.6 with build-id ac7b055fd3f16b4f29373285ab04ed52eebb632d
                                                         Module libxcb-xinput.so.0 with build-id 409ee697e2b16243bf1fc6429e672f2359033388
                                                         Module libxcb-xkb.so.1 with build-id bad7e1eb65df04a6b2d676a08f68844856edaace
                                                         Module libxcb-xinerama.so.0 with build-id 5d2ab2683447d9bb7bcc49c058dfa06bcb65560d
                                                         Module libxcb-xfixes.so.0 with build-id e231a68d00ee4cfa12a2c31e755a9e2c1e7be450
                                                         Module libxcb-sync.so.1 with build-id 13025f6de23a271636ad321c77eda98801e62e8e
                                                         Module libxcb-shape.so.0 with build-id f9aab9846b5e3523bd534f8a845f36a37d42b3fa
                                                         Module libxcb-render.so.0 with build-id b1ca498d665807ab0ccdafbe8070853efd058173
                                                         Module libxcb-render-util.so.0 with build-id c64fb28ea20a320a9754273d9ea3af85f6f74b17
                                                         Module libxcb-randr.so.0 with build-id c914473ab7592ed5cf5c191200faaac1089c12ad
                                                         Module libxcb-shm.so.0 with build-id 828fec4d856e2710e732ea8d92c3f250c807b1c2
                                                         Module libxcb-image.so.0 with build-id ee7f8577926fe7c1d6972036c2f8e6f727e43b1b
                                                         Module libxcb-icccm.so.4 with build-id 73f1e12d76af383aa969a60279ed5ed922045f47
                                                         Module libX11-xcb.so.1 with build-id f6beacd41cd16a23f53e5e56bb599e98f039d0d6
                                                         Module libQt5XcbQpa.so.5 with build-id f815b059f8bfb9d7a4af246205def27736b24344
                                                         Module libqxcb.so with build-id 3509f3c4407d8bccc478fb54551a010d4f449849
                                                         Module libbrotlicommon.so.1 with build-id acfd597a977c8087bb6184383daae2e828a9ce42
                                                         Module libexpat.so.1 with build-id 113bb5a3e9ad856801bfcfc029102c9bdc13d67e
                                                         Module libgmp.so.10 with build-id e58d34ab389d1b649c24195c2d145e3ff2e58290
                                                         Module libhogweed.so.6 with build-id 2d70cff7b1841b4d9ca4e8e7726cd4b944c07fdc
                                                         Module libnettle.so.8 with build-id 9a878e513c02007598fcf1e2e286c2203f13536e
                                                         Module libunistring.so.2 with build-id 617dbf3d3d6f85d6556a7a036e23845e95490158
                                                         Module libidn2.so.0 with build-id 1ce2b50ad9f9821c2c629b521cf5a3c99593d332
                                                         Module libbrotlienc.so.1 with build-id 74adbc62e4fbb5da9d37b5aa458471f4130862ff
                                                         Module libp11-kit.so.0 with build-id cc372ea3c28c4d3dfc633b4d2e933c8584d2af16
                                                         Module libgpg-error.so.0 with build-id f9aaa96d5ddf6f6872051ed7abcdfe6bdaff9b1c
                                                         Module libbrotlidec.so.1 with build-id 66c54e9301f7e102ecc1d88547e5f0e8a056fe22
                                                         Module libxkbcommon.so.0 with build-id 3a9338b2085f0af41217bc0a90ffcc941938a16e
                                                         Module libfontconfig.so.1 with build-id 36be6951b8c1e42a7dd05684a37400fc8ef9147c
                                                         Module libwayland-cursor.so.0 with build-id 647d92328111682fb15bff1c20a4c9368414857c
                                                         Module libresolv.so.2 with build-id 89a368a6ad1b392d126a2a5beb9c2f61ade00279
                                                         Module libkeyutils.so.1 with build-id ac405ddd17be10ce538da3211415ee50c8f8df79
                                                         Module libkrb5support.so.0 with build-id 36db7c21bc57a9b934ad2d3463782db9fef4af07
                                                         Module libcom_err.so.2 with build-id 358b783c9b3d12ba8248519ea2e7f3da4c4e0297
                                                         Module libk5crypto.so.3 with build-id f1c113fea46023cdf62c7e51cb643c45831abdd5
                                                         Module libkrb5.so.3 with build-id 9350783c946d77aec8ee8fd9c6bc12f4f7b72be9
                                                         Module libbz2.so.1.0 with build-id 919597c477c9b2cb9cdbb7745ed6494ac0e6da60
                                                         Module libusbmuxd-2.0.so.6 with build-id fd9f05e7f5b0da4e15972f75b61fd9b4b9f06dbe
                                                         Module libtasn1.so.6 with build-id ee3429ca5e94718aea4fe5249fc859e0cd88e4e9
                                                         Module libgnutls.so.30 with build-id cab291a7adfcc0c6221df6ebc923cd18ac7dd190
                                                         Module libpthread.so.0 with build-id 95ae4f30a6f12ccbff645d30f8e1a3ee23ec7d36
                                                         Module libdl.so.2 with build-id 94198b268228074fa9f405bbedbbae94112593ed
                                                         Module libogg.so.0 with build-id ca0cae30a809f10db1f16e54a23b4e5ff7b2c54c
                                                         Module libvorbis.so.0 with build-id f4e086347f6c1a66eb73cfe13974a29bd39aabca
                                                         Module libpcre.so.1 with build-id 845483dd0acba86de9f0313102bebbaf3ce52767
                                                         Module libicudata.so.71 with build-id 4fef196388e678deb881978139e125e20ee2d94d
                                                         Module libgcrypt.so.20 with build-id 8bf3cb884124273640de797a3e77d86c98434ea4
                                                         Module libcap.so.2 with build-id 21b00ab76bb16fde56fd741f07233c78069f0579
                                                         Module liblz4.so.1 with build-id e63600ab23b2f6997f42fac2fa56e1f02ce159a1
                                                         Module liblzma.so.5 with build-id 28b40c7af8098a66af6ee093b6986b91cad7694d
                                                         Module libblkid.so.1 with build-id 140694a62d8d4d07c6c320a501f948dd1b389d73
                                                         Module libgraphite2.so.3 with build-id 47761dc11e553f519cde97ed9ee985be12ccdae2
                                                         Module libfreetype.so.6 with build-id f89dd5502e75aca28fb5c3ccd0dbd26fe822bfef
                                                         Module libGLX.so.0 with build-id 02bd4ac6acc4da9288c543ea1a0cdaa70c5e151a
                                                         Module libGLdispatch.so.0 with build-id de981c020bd9dbdc159b11f4a2a541310cc3b8d5
                                                         Module libXdmcp.so.6 with build-id 8ca0792d23c8b8b4c0864297512349292bea5955
                                                         Module libXau.so.6 with build-id 1c67764663e07bec24d8951e5fd93f4d165979ff
                                                         Module libQt5WaylandClient.so.5 with build-id 5dd9df738053f852cc9ff2bd24f423e6c77f1306
                                                         Module libcrypto.so.1.1 with build-id d54a7ee1e288aeae436d073277ff986e03994b15
                                                         Module libssl.so.1.1 with build-id 25a55106cb13dec5d495c34ca1caf2c2f3114f11
                                                         Module libgssapi_krb5.so.2 with build-id 1813217c8baf82a1078772eed0d868310cd59f8b
                                                         Module libKF5Archive.so.5 with build-id 7f7d5190814159c6d5b8ebbcce35882228189b09
                                                         Module libQt5Svg.so.5 with build-id 74fc2741f02d4a0e0f7585a36f607656d18361bb
                                                         Module libplist-2.0.so.3 with build-id f16bdd42b3d750ba0a150d286248f5dc50cc76cb
                                                         Module libimobiledevice-1.0.so.6 with build-id bc258677480403cc2df4f0efcfc97e06af826ddc
                                                         Module libudev.so.1 with build-id 00aef0aeab17dca76ebdbe76e845712bf97b9d0c
                                                         Module libKF5GlobalAccel.so.5 with build-id 8ee8124cf99d22889be965d3fbc13755322f4883
                                                         Module libXi.so.6 with build-id 16603be937a02a7e61b0b0395d064be7efd86f49
                                                         Module libXext.so.6 with build-id d70f24beb4fad748d6becffdcc13e51be0a2ebfa
                                                         Module libltdl.so.7 with build-id c4ee3f1ba09fe34163d71ff336756fbecb6f409f
                                                         Module libtdb.so.1 with build-id 6c9ccf6d9a22d117d984d1666842a49fd7669f09
                                                         Module libvorbisfile.so.3 with build-id 45d2551167a616d448beb033ba49394831992887
                                                         Module ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 with build-id fc93487393eea02b5bc6e76e48976fc325294c24
                                                         Module libglib-2.0.so.0 with build-id e268e80e668ce871312cf50e9969f88b086e33f2
                                                         Module libzstd.so.1 with build-id 3bccb8fe08e48d5ea135b1d0f99de0d771dd752f
                                                         Module libpcre2-16.so.0 with build-id 68a5c2d52b45bfa6b1e93d2766e80094f52d9ebf
                                                         Module libicuuc.so.71 with build-id 633fdc0c5385d916571f6140e7a978ad0630ef55
                                                         Module libicui18n.so.71 with build-id 6fd5c97fd2808ee29958bf809656d5885e7e8963
                                                         Module libdouble-conversion.so.3 with build-id d162eb67b00f523a3f146b1077ae00fe04d5fb85
                                                         Module libsystemd.so.0 with build-id cdfc45d8f96e3af51b3d041c32f7899a93b86706
                                                         Module libdbus-1.so.3 with build-id 7f4b16b4b407cbae2d7118d6f99610e29a18a56a
                                                         Module libKF5DBusAddons.so.5 with build-id f67c4bdbe31ff35dd1e346189c811bf229ab4e1a
                                                         Module libmount.so.1 with build-id 4436aeea0cd8c01b5a77969e0531184f8b3513ce
                                                         Module libacl.so.1 with build-id 27869ed0219ade5d2ffd50eaee11f967187faa8b
                                                         Module libKF5AuthCore.so.5 with build-id 17d36834cf80899ab927f56074161ef188386177
                                                         Module libKF5Crash.so.5 with build-id 5793e2b3bf81a9142cfb833115d1bbb7ffaf669d
                                                         Module libmd4c.so.0 with build-id 2151dba72cdc9960097e6e960a58a2f03c8bb96e
                                                         Module libharfbuzz.so.0 with build-id a11faa61f71b258fb92b717723757fc7dd141c01
                                                         Module libz.so.1 with build-id fefe3219a96d682ec98fcfb78866b8594298b5a2
                                                         Module libpng16.so.16 with build-id 2dc0bce07f199bf983c07a05fb95a6f4af83a9b3
                                                         Module libGL.so.1 with build-id b915a2e48be6c9fd3cc6f9f4c7aab1f7aeed8a4c
                                                         Module libQt5QmlModels.so.5 with build-id 3aca8e95972fa0b56402ca9d5cf2f101ba4fdd1c
                                                         Module libgcc_s.so.1 with build-id 0e3de903950e35ae59a5de8c00b1817a4a71ca01
                                                         Module libxcb-keysyms.so.1 with build-id 333e5eb4075795f947c924a2085f17e2e2ae7147
                                                         Module libxcb.so.1 with build-id 13d677412a71468381b11092915d231f664d18d3
                                                         Module libm.so.6 with build-id 210ec9905e41825671210f8f7d0b24d6c371196a
                                                         Module libQt5Xml.so.5 with build-id a17b20a31f56b54a7ecf61c920f8097c27c4378b
                                                         Module libKF5Codecs.so.5 with build-id 49750e18a1134ad0d63d678b6ef4cd486b44f483
                                                         Module libKF5WidgetsAddons.so.5 with build-id 392cedd1407dc850e8676f2315992b4804ccb012
                                                         Module libKF5GuiAddons.so.5 with build-id 45ccfeaacbf8be163b88edab17b62e6c918e7437
                                                         Module libKF5ConfigWidgets.so.5 with build-id 9698f3a275bfaca7d5d4ecd87594db94cb9daacc
                                                         Module libQt5Network.so.5 with build-id 48761663c727e11dd41d8ec44759e7732b191c75
                                                         Module libKF5Completion.so.5 with build-id 208a4c6a1a1c98a5d1c825761993cfca184ed8db
                                                         Module libKF5JobWidgets.so.5 with build-id 9ce0eb2dd536864ec351c4a6035defeaad134638
                                                         Module libKF5KIOGui.so.5 with build-id c49f2e1aecdea0eb7735bbd3e149bf70adf70f0f
                                                         Module libKF5IconThemes.so.5 with build-id 7086d24255d1a52fbc46005df5152910076ae416
                                                         Module libKF5Solid.so.5 with build-id 145412e41ec1eb1b7fb70653e938232d1216da07
                                                         Module libKF5XmlGui.so.5 with build-id 0a68991da6374820ab277392432312cc733ac977
                                                         Module libKF5Bookmarks.so.5 with build-id 6d2038950221a930285b15a0742f8d4c7a355b4a
                                                         Module libffi.so.8 with build-id f0a9586cf0f42d2b9971bd1065ca3a6b19f4a2c2
                                                         Module libdbusmenu-qt5.so.2 with build-id 346cd54093968d3de9e61cc329e9512d248dce18
                                                         Module libXtst.so.6 with build-id 96411faea62997274e362f263e65082e601a787b
                                                         Module libQt5X11Extras.so.5 with build-id cc47e381ac9469803fd53bee418d952ad2782202
                                                         Module libX11.so.6 with build-id d8e0be8e0323aa421366f19065ecd1c76405c130
                                                         Module libQt5TextToSpeech.so.5 with build-id e5a59ae504c2f3b55b8c881e148a9f4ee5361273
                                                         Module libcanberra.so.0 with build-id 8ddef69c9b84a86062c88a59510639cd908fc6d3
                                                         Module libc.so.6 with build-id 388993b6ef62f964bc7bf473c069fbfe957b9e44
                                                         Module libstdc++.so.6 with build-id b3eaebcb5369487562e52dd8d016c9cd77f80c54
                                                         Module libQt5Core.so.5 with build-id c38b617c7f758f3327a3cf4d1b4168ec8e4db842
                                                         Module libQt5DBus.so.5 with build-id 9095840053834c1683ba54020b63d7e545cd0f47
                                                         Module libKF5CoreAddons.so.5 with build-id 273e7c5a7cb2fbabf0d895cb82de5e5f191e9f6b
                                                         Module libKF5I18n.so.5 with build-id cf7ec4c5553f328a931bf91583809338409c3e52
                                                         Module libKF5ConfigCore.so.5 with build-id 834d1bd13d3bbac5fd141fa08b79d19e7727674d
                                                         Module libKF5Service.so.5 with build-id 12d2ed6e76be6a13381da83759510bf3a6f725ac
                                                         Module libKF5KIOCore.so.5 with build-id 1a92d633d7ee99315c9ee76b901f05341b7e8663
                                                         Module libQt5Qml.so.5 with build-id 3302afd50e5fb5cc942267e9cad5746e4c125ce1
                                                         Module libQt5Gui.so.5 with build-id f2aced11623934e05c00514f8e891a65700fca20
                                                         Module libQt5Quick.so.5 with build-id e64c8602e59b921835da1ffa74aa5a3bfa52a296
                                                         Module libQt5Widgets.so.5 with build-id 4718220524507280b1711f967e97d6017eaa0d6c
                                                         Module libKF5ConfigGui.so.5 with build-id 1c964c60eba88258e448acd062029a683c48baf1
                                                         Module libKF5ItemViews.so.5 with build-id fab874f5c8eb4f8c4696851adb78f9acf5997886
                                                         Module libQt5PrintSupport.so.5 with build-id f5959ede65b8a22c8802181e3e198fa0749c5114
                                                         Module libKF5WindowSystem.so.5 with build-id b4733339e1c479aa3aeaf0b6a6335509b39f7c61
                                                         Module libKF5KIOWidgets.so.5 with build-id 36ea01fdfefbeaafe56c011cddce2c186924a28a
                                                         Module libKF5KIOFileWidgets.so.5 with build-id 399b54ad854db4f1bcff07c269987cab2d9ea33e
                                                         Module libwayland-client.so.0 with build-id 95e7368b400dd57e3db2a5c385de71c7dca08879
                                                         Module libKF5WaylandClient.so.5 with build-id 1bd92bc82300211faf1ee4642e2c0ee624cdf0b5
                                                         Module libKF5Notifications.so.5 with build-id 9346ac445cfb2db35e59320ec9478439078dcd3f
                                                         Module xdg-desktop-portal-kde with build-id c8fd597d9a48083ded6bd16ca0eb809770a8e63a
                                                         Stack trace of thread 12690:
                                                         #0  0x00007fcdfb8d636c n/a (libc.so.6 + 0x8e36c)
                                                         #1  0x00007fcdfb886838 raise (libc.so.6 + 0x3e838)
                                                         #2  0x00007fcdfb870535 abort (libc.so.6 + 0x28535)
                                                         #3  0x00007fcdfbd2bedc _ZNK14QMessageLogger5fatalEPKcz (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x9fedc)
                                                         #4  0x00007fcdfcaaa925 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate25createPlatformIntegrationEv (libQt5Gui.so.5 + 0x13c925)
                                                         #5  0x00007fcdfcaaaf99 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate21createEventDispatcherEv (libQt5Gui.so.5 + 0x13cf99)
                                                         #6  0x00007fcdfbf1f5eb _ZN23QCoreApplicationPrivate4initEv (libQt5Core.so.5 + 0x2935eb)
                                                         #7  0x00007fcdfcaab049 _ZN22QGuiApplicationPrivate4initEv (libQt5Gui.so.5 + 0x13d049)
                                                         #8  0x00007fcdfd684d6e _ZN19QApplicationPrivate4initEv (libQt5Widgets.so.5 + 0x175d6e)
                                                         #9  0x000055c00bafe0d1 n/a (xdg-desktop-portal-kde + 0x1d0d1)
                                                         #10 0x00007fcdfb871290 n/a (libc.so.6 + 0x29290)
                                                         #11 0x00007fcdfb87134a __libc_start_main (libc.so.6 + 0x2934a)
                                                         #12 0x000055c00baff545 n/a (xdg-desktop-portal-kde + 0x1e545)
                                                         ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64
Jun 09 01:17:00 AM4-5600X-Linux systemd[1196]: Failed to start Xdg Desktop Portal For KDE.

How do I fix this problem properly? I don’t want to make any more assumptions that might make things worse.

Might I have lost more than just my wallpaper settings? If so, might my daily Back In Time of my home folder come in handy?

EDIT: I figured a reboot wouldn’t make things worse and gave that a go. Post reboot journalctl --priority err --boot 0 is clean, so the errors did not repeat.

I’d still appreciate a hand understanding what happened, how I can avoid this issue going forward, how/what I may need to recovery beyond my wallpaper, what (if anything) I should uninstall, etc…

EDIT 2: Post reboot, I got curious and thought I’d confirm the logs were clear of anything else prior or leading up to my reboot… and found what I assume to be further errors created during the reboot process:

$ journalctl --priority err --boot -1
Jun 09 01:45:23 AM4-5600X-Linux systemd-logind[863]: Failed to start autovt@tty2.service: Transaction for getty@tty2.service/start is destructive (reboot.target has 'start' job queued, but 'stop' is included in transaction).
Jun 09 01:45:23 AM4-5600X-Linux systemd-coredump[114400]: Failed to connect to coredump service: Connection refused
Jun 09 01:45:23 AM4-5600X-Linux kded5[114399]: This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
                                               Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, wayland-egl, wayland, wayland-xcomposite-egl, wayland-xcomposite-glx, xcb.
Jun 09 01:45:23 AM4-5600X-Linux systemd-coredump[114402]: Failed to connect to coredump service: Connection refused

uninstall the wayland session, and reboot and check… if you still got errors, use the backup you mentioned in your post, reboot and check

Thank you for the reply @brahma.

As noted in one of my edits that a reboot did not generate any further errors or coredumps… so that part I hope is good news.

If the post I linked is correct in that plasma-wayland-session is now installed by default in the newer ISO’s… I’m okay leaving it installed and not using it (once bitten twice shy), unless uninstalling fixes something. The logs were clean keeping it installed after another reboot, so I take that as a somewhat positive sign as well.

For the most part I guess I’m concerned that if my wallpaper changed and my desktop icons reorganized themselves… what other settings, data, or files might have been impacted?

Also, assuming it’s not normal that switching between wayland and x11 “mishandles”/loses some settings… what might I have done incorrectly? Was there maybe another package I needed to install, or was there a configuration step I was unaware of?

you did nothing wrong, wayland is not ready for kde … so if you have no errors in logs, you good to go now…

okay, I think I had a fundamental misconception that wayland versus plasma was a different mode or environment when really that’s not the case… the DE is always KDE Plasma and the graphical server/engine being used is where wayland and x11 come into play.

In that misconception, it’s quite possible that the wallpaper change (and even icon shuffle) might have already happened when I logged into wayland. I honestly only clicked around the system tray for 5 seconds before i logged out and was oblivious to the rest of the desktop.

And because I only logged out of wayland to log back to x11, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the time and timestamps to know if the initial “–boot 0” entries happened within wayland or after i logged out and logged back into x11.

yah, lots to learn here… pehaps the most important being to not try new things while beimg tired at 1am.

Solid advice. My personal advice would prepend that advice with: research, research, research first.

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