Did Manjaro KDE switched to Wayland?

I had to rebuild my system last week and downloaded the latest Manjaro KDE ISO.
Now I was surprised to find out that it runs with Wayland. My last installation (about 8 weeks ago) was with X11.
Did I do something wrong during the installation or has it been officially changed in the meantime?



I would be surprised that Wayland on Manjaro KDE is now default, is it, really? I missed the information if it is.

//EDIT: nothing in the ISO profile Commits · master · Profiles & Settings / manjaro-kde-settings · GitLab maybe if it is default the change comes from somewhere else.

//EDIT2: found this commit [kde] add plasma-wayland-session (2fc28f89) · Commits · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab but it adds the package for Wayland support. Not sure this would make it the default though.

I will download latest ISO just to confirm it now is default, but as it still is not ready for Prime in my book, I wonder why it would be now set as default. On the other hand I am biased as I’m a Nvidia user so… yeah for me Wayland is :poop:

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@omano @AlexBoldt what has changed with the new ISOs is that plasma-wayland-session is installed now by default and that gives you the option to choose between Wayland and X11 on the logon screen (lower left corner).
My guess is that because the Wayland session comes first in the list of sessions to choose from with a new installation, if the user doesn’t pay attention he/she will logon into Wayland session without realizing.

@AlexBoldt Logout and choose X11 session on the lower left corner of the logon screen, or respectively use the solution mentioned above by nl.smart should you use autologon. Or if you don’t like the choice option at all, remove plasma-wayland-session package.


@raguse Thanks! I didn’t notice it.

Apart from occasional glitches when changing the Workplace, more noise from the fan of my graphics card (an old Radeon HD 5770) and rare lags, I have no negative experiences with Wayland so far.

Is Wayland more demanding for the graphics card?

You’re welcome!

I’ll keep it short as there is a ton of information out there for you on the net and I am not a display server/protocol specialist. Also this topic of support is solved:
In theory the wayland protocol should be speedier and less demanding. Whether this will materialize or will be noticeable with modern hardware has to be seen as wayland matures.

That’s not a good look. Hopefully it’s fixed in the next ISO release.

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@winnie I am not Manjaro team so I don’t decide that.
Nothing to fix in my opinion and no harm done doing so, respectively giving the user the choice. It only requires some attention to details.

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This is not good, and must be fixed if that’s truly the case. This controversy even made its rounds outside of the Manjaro community. (I won’t say which YouTuber, since it’s easy to find this videos and comments.)

When something is not done right, or if a mistake slips through, we can’t rationalize it after-the-fact. We need to be more honest with ourselves.

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I installed KDE 21.2.5 ISO in Virtual Box and it is X11 session by default.

can you be more precise? no need to have secrets.

Private messaged you.

I’m really sorry for this happened. It was not intended at all, we discussed this case internally and reverted that commit.

Yes, we watched eBuzz’s video already. A lot of thanks to him for pointing this out loudly.

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Well, it was no big problem after all. It was just a little confusing to me.

Maybe a short note in the news or a more visible placement of the selection option would be helpful.

At least the KDE minimal version defaults to Wayland. I also tried myself.

It uses wayland if autologin is disabled I think, otherwise it logins to X11 automatically

I used autologin indeed.

@LordTermor I guess it’s initial alphabetical sorting for non-autologon as linux-aarhus pointed out in the other thread. Plasma (Wayland) vs Plasma (X11)

In the past months, Wayland session became way better, but it still relatively buggy on some hardware (like Nvidia optimus laptops). At first, one wouldn’t recognize that this is not X11 but after a few minutes, bugs start to pile up, weird bugs. For example: smplayer won’t start, when megasync is running, clicking on window buttons on upper panel triggers megsync options instead closing/minimizing window, games have issues to start or open a window, and so on.

I don’t think we are ready to switch to Wayand as default on Plasma, but we’re pretty close, a year, maybe two? The majority of things works as intended, but the small stuff is the problem now.

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