KDE plasma is slower than W10

Manjaro Minimal Stable KDE 64bit
Intel Celeron - 4 cores 1.100 GHz
UHD graphics

Third core of my CPU is constantly on 70% or higher, even though the most CPU heavy app at the time is htop with something around 3% CPU usage.
Also the whole system is very laggy
XFCE and W10 runs smoothly.

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks for letting us know, appreciated. You can report it to KDE, https://bugs.kde.org.

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What kind of bug is it though? I don’t really know what to click on. Thanks.

click on the link I shared…

I did and downloaded everything beside the user-manager and it seems to work, will look around for a bit but the core issue is no more. If there will be no problem I will mark it as solution.
Thanks <3

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