Kde start menu has problem

Hi , i installed manjaro kde 20.2 stable, but i cant click on any icon on start menu!
thank you for any help image_55415491|375x500

This helped me at the same issue.

I hope it help you too :grin:

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That doesnt cover everything though …

If you have been bitten by the bugged installer profile
(that erroneously included user-manager which then fell back on user-manager-git which then pulled in a lot of kde-dev packages instead of the regular ones)
Then you probably need to get them all …

That list should probably include:

attica-git karchive-git kauth-git kbookmarks-git kcodecs-git kcompletion-git kconfig-git kconfigwidgets-git kcoreaddons-git kcrash-git kdbusaddons-git kglobalaccel-git kguiaddons-git ki18n-git kiconthemes-git kio-git kitemviews-git kjobwidgets-git knotifications-git kservice-git ktextwidgets-git kwallet-git kwidgetsaddons-git kwindowsystem-git kxmlgui-git solid-git sonnet-git user-manager-git

See the script here at the bottom of the first post, its probably best to just use that:


thanks a lot…

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