Kde plasma cant install themes addons reinstalled manjaro twice no difference

the error message i get is

Download of “Quarks Splash Darker” failed, error: SETTINGS invalid number of concurrent streams

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Have you checked the similar threads?

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Did you know that the forum has a search function? :arrow_down:

Had you used it instead of attempting to reinstall the operating system twice, then you would have found these… :arrow_down:

no the search just said no results found but ok

I used the search function to dig up the results I posted above, “but ok”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There doesn’t seem to be any updates to these issues. Can’t find anything on the forum as a fix either. Is this a bug? I’m running 21.3.0 Ruah and can’t download any themes (global, styles, colours, decorations, icons, etc. Even spash screen is getting the same error.

I’ve also reinstalled and used the minimal installation but same errors.

Is this a bug or a setting? Can’t seem to google any fixes either related to this.


its a kde bug as is mentioned in the links, theres nothing you can do, only to wait for kde to fix it…

Running 5.25.1 and just downloaded a new global them, a new gtk application style, and new cursors just to test if the issue is fix, and all downloaded anmd installed without issue.

I also get this issue since the Plasma 5.25 update, maybe even before that. Hard to estimate, because I don’t use that options everyday.

My guess is, this is some regression, and it will be fixed. This happened many times already…

In the meantime, I suggest you go to:

Find what you are looking for and install from there. If you want an easy install, without thinking what goes where, I suggest installing from AUR ocs-url package. Then you will be able to click on “Install” button and the rest will go automatically.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that cause when the item is finished installing it’s suppose to tell you it’s installed and on at least 3 items over the last couple of days I didn’t get the message and know they didn’t install.

Instead of reinstalling, next time check upstream for bug reports.


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